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SunRider Fortune Delight dry tea mix

 Serving size- 1 packet
Servings per container-10
Total carbs- 3g.
Total fat-0g.
Sat. fat- 0g.

Camellia extract (green tea), Chrysanthemum flower extract

Best price:

Pros: *Great taste  *healthy  *all-natural   *detoxifying  *fat-flush  *refreshingly cool  *contains flower/herbs

Cons: *Expensive  *non-organic  *Contains caffeine (from all-natural green tea)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whats your color

(This is a taste of what you will see at my style and fashion page.)

 "  All of you have had someone say something to you like this- 'wow, that shirt looks really nice on you,' or 'green sure is your color,' and the like.   "

You may have been wondering what this is about, is there such a thing as "my color"? You may believe that everyone does indeed have one, or not think so at all; perhaps your more on the line of thinking that certain colors just go better with that person's character or personality. We might never know, as the robes in heaven might be a color we have never heard of, but I am a firm believer that yes, you have "your color"! How do you find out what yours is? I may be able to help you with that. In this article you will discover how to analyze your skin and hair type, (also commonly called your color season. e.g. winter, autumn, summer, spring,) what personality and pattern have in common, and what colors work best on you! First I'll start out with some color facts:

Warm, cool, and "natural" color groups.

The "neutral" group  includes-
black, tan, beige, brown, greys, and reds.
what about red in neutral group? (Red, pink, and burgundy are usually perfect in the warm color groups because they do seem to appear vivid and warm, but really, are insertable anywhere in the way of hair colors and skin tones and under tones and highlights and personalities and all that good stuff.)

Something else I should tell you: There are 5 amazing colors that work great on all "color seasons" or appearance: and those are black, brown, red, eggplant, and teel.

The color wheel: This is very important for a girl to be acquainted with! Some colors were just created to look good together. This is what distinguishes a match from a nerd's bad-dress day. Generally, any one color directly opposite itself on the color wheel are match, and the two colors on the right and the left side of itself coordinate. Take a long, good look girlie's, get acquainted with a friend that will serve you well in the days to come!
what exactly are you? -a quiz

These are the color seasons, and how to find out which one you are with a fun quiz!

1. My hair is Naturally-
(a)warm red
(b)pale red
(c)med-darkish brown
(d)warm brown/blond
(e)sandy brown/blond
(f)blackish/real black

2. My skin is-
(b)very pale
(c)deep tan
(e)warm but light

3. I have-
-undertones in my face.

Note: one way you can tell if you have cool or warm undertones in your face is to go out in the cold some time and run around, (make sure your dressed properly for cold weather,) and see whether your face and cheeks are pale, or a slight cool color, (cool undertones,) or bright pink or red (warm/reddish pink undertones). We will deal more with undertones and their relation to the rest of us later.

The verdict

  • If you have a combination of (a),(c), and (d)s -Summer.
  • If its (b),(f), and (e)s - Winter.
  • Or you may have "summer" hair and "winter" skin- Autumn.
  • If "winter" hair and "summer" skin- Spring.

These are the color seasons, you are ensured to be one of them. There is also a whole lot more to do with "seasons", but lets acquire all our inner-personal knowledge before putting that to use with color guide at the end of this article. First another Quiz!

Personality colors -a quiz

1. "Relaxation" is to you-
(a)playing the wii.
(b)trying the new fiesta lime chili with your friends at your regular downtown meeting place.
(c)carrying on a very lively conversation with your best friend on the phone.
(d)taking a long, brisk walk with your dog.
(e)Falling asleep in the shade with a pillow and a glass of lemonade.
(f)baking a special treat for your family and/or friends.

2. The perfect vacation would be-
(a)a week long teens camp
(b)who would want a long vacation, I can be crazy with my friends!
(c)shopping with friends at the new mall.
(d)visiting the new interactive history museum.
(e)you don't like strict or busy schedules, some alone time to do your own thing would be lovely!
(f)spending some up-beat time with your family.

3. Your favorite outfit is best described by-
(a)a simple and sweet dress-outfit
(b)something like a wild child! anything from leather to lime-green trousers.
(c)sunny, with some exiting accessories.
(d)little miss cutie-pie, whether kacki or formal.
(e)you delight in soft beauty, staying away from harsh fashions, you stun with the subtle.
(f)unique, but not overly flamboyant with lots of solid colors.

4. Your favorite pair of shoes-
(a)comfortable and coordinate.
(b)funky, wacky, crazy!
(c)cute and busy flats.
(d)stylin' tennies.
(e)low-to-high heels or flats. who knows, you have so many pairs!
(f)you usually go for sparkly heels that are paired with a casual outfit.

5.Your friends most likely would describe you as-
(a)a blast! when your not in the clouds somewhere.
(b)over-the-top sometimes and fairly random.
(c)optimistic; encouraging; funny.
(d)hilarious, but thoughtful and considerate.
(e)quiet and soft-spoken.
(f)a loyal friend with an engaging personality.

Ready to know what color personality you are? Well wait no longer! If you are mostly-
(a)romantic red
(b)overly orange
(c)sunshiny yellow
(d)glowing green
(e)beautiful blue
(f)purple passion

This quiz was mostly just for fun, and it does have to do with color, but it can be very helpful in accessorizing. We will get to that in a minute!
As for what to wear...

Summer, spring

Winter- go for dark, cool colors- burgundy, olive green, royal blue, plum purple, etc. (not worrying about undertones at the moment.)

Autumn- be neat with alot of natural colors, and try some bright, cool colors with alot of the red group.

Summer- appear at your best with more soft, warm colors- light or neon pinks, sparkly yellows, beige/orange, etc.

Spring- last but not least, go with warm-colored exotic plumage, clothes-wise, that is. Like a chic out of an Easter egg, no pun intended.

Further assignments and homework ;)
Now that we have acquired our feminine knowledge, ask around to find out just what other think you look good in, best to stick to the same-gender for questioning on this subject. I have made articles on...

*What clothes to wear for your body type
*Hair styles, creative and easy
*Real beauty, who has the last say?
*Eye make-up, just for you my fashion and beauty page... or something like that.

Just thought it wouldn't be fair if I didn't tell ya what my color was- green!
And not only is it my favorite color, it is my color, and it's my personality color, hows that for single minded? LOL :P

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