Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green action

Tomorrow I take a walk around my neighborhood to pick wayward trash and litter, feel free to join me though we may not be in the same town, state, or even country. I will let you know how far I walked and how much trash is just laying around that I was able to pick up. I took a walk yesterday but didn't bring a bag and you wouldn't believe how much garbage is laying around!
Sorry the cartoon is not big enough, click on it and you will see it in its largest form that apparently wasn't available to me :P. Just to let you know so that you don't get me wrong, I do believe in taking care of our earth and preserving trees and all that, but I do not believe that global warming is in process not will it begin to do so in our, or our children's, lifetimes.
If you ask me, (which I also realize that you didn't ask me, but I will still tell you if you'll so kindly read on, :D,) pollution has enough problems of its own- e.i. sickness; wastefulness; etc.- that we don't need to make up a scary story to make the nations give money to the government to do with as they see fit. (Yes, for many a good cause I'm sure, but some are not, and it's not what that money was intended for!) I'm not trying to pick on anybody, and I am sure you would want someone to explain it better for you than me, I'm just stating my beliefs. (And its not exactly a hate crime. LOL.)

Well, I took a small walk, but it was rainy-- probably 1/4 mile-- so not long at all. I piched up 26 non-biodegradable items to throw away. Items such as plastic bags; pop cans; burger wrapers; candy bar wrappers; ect. Plus a fresh orange peel, countless gum and sucker wrappers, and one lonely toilet seat half buried in snow ( didnt pick that up;).
I walked through a very nice-but a long shot from ritzy- neighborhood, and thats what I found.
Did anybody join me?

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