Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my ABCs

Little bit about me- this is really fun to do in a group! Try it with your friends when at sleepovers, (everyone says what the letter is for you, and you for them,) or for an ice-breaking game, (tell about yourself, everyone getting a letter as it falls on them).
A- aspiration: Mother (someday...), author, herbalist, nurtitionalist, artist
B- book (favorite): Bible
C- celestial seasonings tea: Ginger
D- desire: To bring God glory!
E- ?what should this question be?
F- Favorite subjects in school: All of them!
G- game: Gestures
H- height: 5'3" and hoping to get a tiny bit taller
I- ?What should this question be?
J- job: Housework; health consultant in training
K- ?what should this question be?
L- leisure activities: researching, cooking, shopping, reading, running, writing, drawing...
M- Music: Christian pop/rock & old hymns
N- nervous habit: Leg bouncing
O- obsessed: with even numbers [2(y)], it is very tiresome.
P- Pet Peeve: petty arguements
Q- question: Why did the chicken really cross the road?
R- resent studies: anatomy, algebra, Bible, health
S- summer activity: CYIA- http://www.cefonline.com/
T- TV shows: Don't really watch TV
U- unbelief: intelligent life on mars (besides astronauts :)
V- visage (eye color): hazel
W- Week-end activity: work, family night, walks, baby sitting, extra school work, Bible studies, church, chior, YBI (Youth Bible Institute)
X- X-tras': never died or highlighted my hair
Y- yesterday: is a thing to learn from before it is forgotten
Z- zoo animal favorite: Lions- Amazing and beautiful

Leave a message for me... or make one of your own ABCs and e-mail it to me if you think it would be cool to have it posted. :)

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