Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsey Lohon and GT's kombucha

Recent news about Celebrity Lindsay Lohon's intoxication on nothing but GT's kombucha tea has made headlines... and lawsuits. -
Huh?... Interested?
It was a big night for Lindsay Lohon, actress, porn star, and former teen hot-shot. Music awards night and upcoming 24th birthday. Partyin' til' 4am with guzzles from beloved GT's kombucha bottles- But this is old news right? Not many people haven't heard this story by now, huh?
"Lindsay Lohon's SCRAM bracelet went off due to her 0.03 - 0.04 alcoholic blood percentage. Her requirement to wear this bracelet is a natural consequence for her drug episode in 2007. Kombucha may have more alcohol than 0.5 %, resulting in many health food stores such as Whole Foods de-stocking large quantities. Lisdsay denies drinking, even while "in harms way" during birthday outing with "friends" but also tries to clear damage done to Millenium company by Tweeting that her intoxication was not due to her drinking Kombucha."

So what exactly is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a Asian fermented mushroom tea, (GT's kombucha has fruit juice and vitamins added, and is not pasteurized,) meaning completely RAW- fermented fungi. GT's kombucha has only 0.5% alcohol content according to recent testing or very little above-
much more testing is being done.
Basically, in a nut shell, to sum it up, giving it to you straight, are you ready?  This health beverage - even after long shelf life - could not "booze" you.
(Pheww, I love that stuff and have never let an alcoholic beverage pass my lips; well, Ok, maybe I've put an 1/8 tsp of organic vanilla extract in a breakfast smoothie- Yikes, right?.)

The Problem?
This very publicized celeb whom I very slightly feel sorry for has been gulping this brand's health and drug detox tea for 4 years, and may I add while wearing her blood-alcohol detecting wrist band... Well... Umm, so why are we thinking that the problem was in her harmless bottle before she opened it? It would be pretty easy to slip something in there, and a good "cover-up" if you think about it in a partial, almost logical way.  Anyway, just something to think on.
Personally, I think there is enough out there for you to form your own opinion according to the raw, and maybe fermented facts. I don't like gossip- and there is plenty out there... so I thought I'd clear a good name, and let one hit the ball and chain for 90 days.
Yea, that's right. Lohon is let off until July 20th, and then sentenced to 90 days in jail.
Judge Revel says her custody is more for missed mandatory parole than this "latest scoop", and is not fooled, she says, by the tearful apology.
What do I think... Well, what do you think?

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