Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you like MUSIC?

I love music!!!
And that is why I devoted a whole blog to it. I'll give you the like right here, but it can also be found in my "links" page.

www.techpowermac.blogspot.com Contains things such as:

  • Official music videos
  • Complete lyrics for all songs
  • Some of my songs that I've written
  • About the band
  • All Christian music and content
  • Interviews with bands and artists
  • Genres from worship to hip/hop to rap
  • MORE...
Check it out!

Taylor Mason - Bananas Comedy

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family movie review- The Railway Children

Category: family entertainment, children's. Year produced: 1970. Directer: Lionel Jeffries. Time set (of movie): Turn of the century 1900's, England Origin: Book* by Edith Nesbit, published 1906


The mysterious disappearance of the beloved father of a rich family. And the outcome? Maids who cannot hold their tongues, selling of furniture, "playing poor", grumpy Aunts, and finally a move to "Three chimneys"-- their idea of a poor, spooky old dwelling. However, they don't have much money for food, fire, and family, so the plot thickens when they find a way to help their ailing mother, with an outcome that makes a the difference to more than their new railroad friend.

Positive Elements:
The family is greatly enforced, with honesty and responsibility in high priority. Devotion to family, and compassion for others, even those as poor as themselves who cannot spare time, energy, and money on others, is shown throughout this movie. Clean humor, and family laughs are woven in with a "real life" sort of way.
After Peter attempts stealing coal, he is forgiven, and then comes back to make amends the next day in a genuine manner, and does good to his fellow men from there-after.

Spiritual Content:
Not, much. After the boy is caught stealing coal from the railway to help build a fire to keep their sick mother warm, the railroad master asks if he has ever been to a church before. (We assume they have, but have never actually seen them there.)  Also, one lovable, Irish railway worker seems to be superstitious, cringing when a black cat crosses his path, and other similar situations.

Violent Content:
I like to take into consideration not only physical violence, but also the violence words can do to others, and sometimes in very subtle ways.
There is no blood, and violence whatsoever beside some mildly rough railway workers, and a yough man apparently in pain after breaking his leg by a fall, (he is helped, and becomes quite well).
Hurtful words and actions are expected in videos depicting "family life", but this film is well done.  A few little spats between siblings, mostly the youngest two- Peter and Phyllis.  (Almost unrealistic how well behaved these siblings are, but charming and easy to imagine).  Well done.  One maid in the beginning of the film has an outburst at Peter and Phyllis for pranking her.  Saying something nasty about their missing father.

Sexual Innuendo:
We see mother and father sitting on their bed together with the children while their children gather around to celebrate an early morning birthday with presents.  We see mother and father hug when parting on that mysterious night, seen by Roberta from her window.  Another couple hug and kiss briefly, (not seen by  the children).  When Peter asks what chollone is, Phyllis, (age 10,) says it is a "sweet smelling stuff that you dab on where you think you will be kissed". This garners uncomfortable looks from her siblings.
Roberta, (Bobbie,) and her new found yough-man-friend seem quite attracted to each-other, in a very innocent way. (I would say she is 16, and the boy is 17 or 18).
[Spoiler Warning]  At the end of the film, when most children would be licking the last bits of butter from the popcorn bowl and running off to brush teeth and jump into PJ's, a short documentary is verbalized about the real life of the family depicted. Informing the listener that "father" had an affair, and his wife raised the child from the second woman as her own.

Negative Content:
You may need to explain to young children that talking to strangers is not a good idea, and their are other ways to be kind to those we do not know.  The three children find their new country home near the railway station an intriguing, busy place to be, and wave to the cabbose master and later paint a large sign relaying messages, and later ask him for favors. The kindly old man fortunately is willing to help, (as everybody is, of corse,) but this does not go overly well with mother once she finds out, and gives a good, stern, maternal reprimand. 
Though the "caboose man" becomes a good family friend, he asks Bobbie not to tell her mother and her younger brother and sister that he is researching their father's "government job", which so oddly called him away without trace.

Questionable Language:

* book from which this movie was based:  Picture coming soon.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Petroleum Jelly?

Have you heard? All the yucks and icks about petroleum jelly

Well it is a by-product of the petroleum industry so it is completely unnatural. It is under suspicion as being a legit breast cancer causing component

 If you want a natural alternative to petroleum jelly, the following recipe provides a great product. Shea butter being the main ingredient.
Petroleum jelly blocks pores and does not get absorbed by the skin. Shea butter gets absorbed to an extent. It depends on what you are looking for.

Here is a recipe for a non-petroleum jelly formula based on beeswax, olive oil and grapeseed extract:
  • 2 ounces olive oil 
  • 1/2 ounce grated beeswax
  • 12 drops grapefruit seed extract
You may disagree bitterly, you may be a kook-maniac about its deadliness, but its my job to provide a recipe.  :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy birthday!!!

Whose birthday? My mom's birthday! Now arrived and the beautiful age of 41. (No kidding, she is gorgeous.)  She doesn't know it yet, but I decided to give a small token of thanks, and love.

*She has wanted glass, non-BPA food leftover containers.
*She has wanted Brown Cow creamy coffee yogurt cups.**
*She has wanted another ice tray for our freezer.

I didn't know what to get her. Ask me what I am sorta, kinda want for my birthday, and I would have a longer list.  :)

I finally decided. (I would have put up a poll about it on here, but I end up being the only one to vote, besides my mother that is.)               Glass food containers.

I got them from Crate And Barrel, a high quality home furniture, decor and kitchen gadgets site. Conveniently on sale. :)


 For her card, I am going to have all the children at our 5-day clubs sign a big, homemade card.

My sister and I have been teaching three, 5-day clubs over this past week. (3 a day).
5-day clubs are organized by a world-wide, non-profit children's organization, (CEF*,) training Christian teens and adults to teach children according to the basic Bible truths of salvation and Christian growth.
(5-day clubs are like free mini VBSs' in a back yard, park, community center, church, or house. Including games, Bible history, stories, snacks, prizes, puppets, songs, kid-friendly morals, and each year we learn about, support and pray for missionaries in another country. Usually during the summer.)
http://www.cefonline.com/ (Child Evangelism Fellowship)
** http://www.browncowfarms.com/

Another Birthday! already past. 
One of my very closest friends I've known since 2nd grade. A kindred spirit you could say.
I havent seen her since before her birthday, so her gift is wrapped and waiting for this Sunday at church.

What do you think about some awesome fashionable rubber boots-
well, they really are cute, and I know her style. (They are black and white plaid.)
And some nail paint wands in her favorite, funky colors.

whoever can actually read the b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y. words to your right will be honored with the privilege of picking the "Picks of the Month" for this blog for September.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is your pet's food not fit for a dog?

Science diet -- is it the best? What about Iams...?

Check out the ingredients, what ingredients are best for dogs and cats, and where the ingredients come from in each individual food package for each individual food brand. Are human-grade ingredients over-the-top for a pooch?

Search DOGS for pics of mine! We feed them Canidea.

All reviewed by very professional experts in dog needs. This site is not bias, as it does not "promote" a specific brand, and no products are sold from that site.

What does your dog or cat need? What is your price limit?

Is your cat or dog food a measly 1star, inbetween at 3 star, or a whopping 6 star?

Check it out! if not just to get some info at the least, at >>>http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/<<<

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally, your pick of a MODEST swimsuit

I know, I'm sick of it too. Ladies in fast dry underwear one the beach.
Like, underwear that got stuck under a lawn mower, maybe. No kidding. :O
My sister, mom, girlfriends and I find it very, very hard to find slightly modest swimwear- whether one piece or tankini. That's why I was so excited when I came across so many modest ones while surfing!
(Surfing the Internet for that very thing, that is :)  And I needed to tell you about it, since I love you all so very much! Read on, and take your pick.

Diviine ModesTee
One of the best I've seen, actually. Build your own perfect suit! With many different styles and patterns and fabric choices along with body type guide, its hard to go wrong. Options for swim bottoms are either a mid-thigh skirt, or boy-shorts style. Also designable!

Sorry, no pictures available. :(   Click below on the link for quick access.


Lime Ricki Swim Wear
Very Cute! Many choices with several different styles and such. Summer sale! Which is big, because modest swim wear online can be very expensive. A bit more "liberal", (aka: showing shoulders, some are low, small straps,) but not bad, it comes down to your convictions. Choose from high swim skirt to "bikini" shorts for bottoms.


Girl 4 Sport
 Huge selection, one stop shop, including traditional swimwear, one pieces, tankinis, smokin' new patterns, various skirts, board shorts in several lengths and types, "bikini" shorts, rashguard tops, performance gear, scuba suits, etc...  Very high quality, and I love, love, love, the style!

H2o Wear
Nice. Great style for all women, with plus sizes and maternity. Includes one-piece, tops, bottoms, and uni-tanks. High quality. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!  A bit less expensive than girl4sport. Choose neo shorts from black and grey, or high-thigh, mid-thigh, or knee-length- great for swimming! 

Modestly Yours
A nice site run by a home business.  For more conservative swimmers. You will be able to mix and match your skirt, leggings, and top with many, many different fabric and pattern choices including solids, sparkles, black-n-white, retro, fun, tropic, nautical, and funky. Take your pick! 
Hey, do you wish you could sew your swimsuit, but don't have a pattern, and have no idea in the world to find one? Modestly Yours swimsuits has created patterns for you to buy at a very reasonable prise! Check it out for yourself at this link: http://www.simply-modest.com/posecom/categories.php?category=Sewing-Patterns

Shade Clothing
Tired of trendy, teeny-bopper suit styles?
Plus, small, large, medium Sizes. Two ties, on a moderately exposed back, as you can see in the pic to your right. Choose from several top-cuts such as scoop neck, "v" neck, modest square neck, and halter top.
For bottoms, grab a mid-thigh plain swim skirt, or higher waisted "bikini" shorts. Bottoms come in different colors.

Hydro Chic
Rashguard tops and board shorts, this is your stop for beach with an wow! Made with a good wear-ability that wont go out of style soon! Have 3/4 length sleeves, short sleeves. Along with Performance gear.
Best modest skirt/legging set I've seen! I'd wear in a heartbeat! Long skirt, med. skirt, short skirt w/ leggings in several cool color combos with sporty stripe.

Have a modest swimsuit that you love?
Did I miss a good one?
E-mail me with pictures if available, or better yet, leave a comment so all can read!

NOTICE: I am a kid, and not everything I do is perfect, (surprise, surprise :) so if you think of something I could change on this blog, or my other blogs, please leave a polite, lady-like comment on any one of my sites. I would Love to hear from you-  Thanks!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Duct Tape Dummy- make personalized clothing

Ever heard of a duct tape dummy? A duct tape dummy is an endlessly useful sewing tool if you are going to make a custom-fit piece of clothing. A duct tape dummy is a cheap and easy alternative to buying a professional dress form and it can be completed in a day.

 What You'll Need

•A friend to wrap you, or the friend you are wrapping. This is not a one person job!

•At least 3 rolls of 60 yard duct tape -opt for cheap gray duct tape instead of the more expensive brands that come in all colors. The gray stuff will work just as well for this project. If you are working on a fuller figure, buy 5 rolls of tape just in case.

•A garbage bag and saran wrap -or- two old t-shirts

•Scissors [recommended scissors]

•Permanent marker

•Stuffing, such as plastic grocery bags, polyester batting or shredded paper. Optionally, you can also use shoulder pads to fill the breasts.
Once you have your materials, let's get started.

Before you being to tape, the model should wear the undergarments that will be worn with the dress or shirt that is being made from the dummy. If you plan on wearing a bra or corset, wear these while your duct tape dummy is being made.

Next, put on an old t-shirt or garbage bag. A t-shirt is advantageous because it already has sleeves. However, it could bulk up your dummy unnecessarily. A garbage bag helps the dummy stay true to your form, but you'll need to use saran wrap later on to add sleeves and hips. Don't worry, this is easy.

For the garbage bag method, snip holes large enough for the arms and head at the sides and bottom of the bag.

Next, we will start wrapping.

First, a little guidance for your model. Our beautiful model here is standing up straight and looking forward, with her arms down. This is important because any slouching or incline of the shoulders will make a dummy that doesn't provide the right fit. Also, discourage your model from trying to suck in their gut. The form has to be their shape, or the clothing made from it won't fit.

Now that you've yelled at your model to stand up straight, you can begin with the first piece of tape just under the breasts. Define the breast area by pulling a line of tape all the way around her midsection. Expect the garbage bag or t-shirt to bunch in places while you tape. Define the breasts by creating a 'Y' shape with the tape, adding tape up and over the shoulders. Lay tape on an angle along the shoulder blades.

Next, we'll add length to the dummy.

To add your hip area to a dummy, use your duct tape to add plastic wrap around the hips. Overlap at least 3" of the bottom of the garbage bag.

Be sure that your model is standing with her feet shoulder-width apart while you do this. You'll work on the plastic wrap just like the garbage bag.

If you used a t-shirt, cut that second t-shirt just under the arms and tape it to the bottom.
Next, let's tape the belly and hips.

Use 6-9" pieces of tape to cover the belly and hips. Lay the tape horizontally, and overlap at least a 1/2".

We are laying the tape horizontally to use it as a guide for our second layer, which will be vertical pieces of tape. Alternating the direction of the tape will assist in getting complete coverage with each layer.

The chest requires special attention because you do not want to lose the contour of the breasts. Even when you are making a dummy for a man, you still need to account for the pectorals.

Tear five 3" strips of tape. Place the ends of the tap over the nipple area, directing them outward in a star burst pattern, as shown. This helps to round out the front of the breast. Continue to tape in this direction, moving outward from the center of the breast. Never tape horizontally over the breasts, because then they will flatten and the dummy will not provide a good fit.
Wrap the upper arm in plastic wrap to assist in rounding out the shoulders and to make a short forearm.

It is okay for your model to lift her arms while you are applying the plastic wrap and taping near the armpit area, but make sure that she drops her arms to the sides again. The arms need to be down so that the shoulders will be nice and round when you're done.

Lightly wrap the neck in plastic wrap and lay horizontal pieces of tape all the way around. Be very careful not to constrict the neck!

Now you have all the basic parts complete. Start the second all-over layer of tape, this time laying the pieces vertically.

Then, add the third and final layer of tape, laying the pieces horizontally again. Be sure that your model stands up straight and looks forward as you tape the second and third layers.

Once you have finished the third layer, it's time to mark the form.

Duct tape has a tendency to leave a sticky residue on your scissors, so use a pair that you don't mind getting a little grubby.

Cut up the back of your model in a zigzag pattern so that your center line on the back is preserved and the dummy will be easy to tape back together without it getting crooked. Be very careful not to cut the skin or undergarments while you are working. Take your time if you need to. Next, you need to decide if you are going to simply stuff the dummy, or also mount it.

Stuff as-is or mount?
•Stuff and Finish the Dummy. This dummy will be portable and easy to store.
•Stuff and Mount to a Pole for a dress form. It will be as tall as the model, and good for fitting dress lengths.

If you want a portable dummy, this method is for you. If you want to mount your dummy to a pole so that it is the height of the model, get out your measuring tape

This unmounted dummy is good for fitting shirts and is easier to store than a mounted dummy.

Tape up the back of the dummy where it was cut. If you used the zigzag method, it will be easy to piece the dummy back together. Stuff the dummy with your stuffing material, whatever that may be. You can also use shoulder pads to help define and firm up the breasts.

Tape up the ends of the arms and the neck. Be careful not to collapse the ends while you tape.

Trace around the bottom of the dummy on your piece of cardboard. Cut out the cardboard piece and fit it into the bottom of the dummy. Tape in place. Re-measure your model to ensure that your dummy is not being warped by the stuffing or cardboard.

There are a few places that you should mark your dummy to aid in sewing.

•Natural waist: All around the smallest part of the waist.

•Center of the dummy: To do this, make a simple plumb-bob using a string with a small object tied at the end. Hold the string at the front center of the neck and let the object drop so that the string is hanging and taut. Use the permanent marker to mark a straight line down the center of your model. Repeat for the back.