Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy birthday!!!

Whose birthday? My mom's birthday! Now arrived and the beautiful age of 41. (No kidding, she is gorgeous.)  She doesn't know it yet, but I decided to give a small token of thanks, and love.

*She has wanted glass, non-BPA food leftover containers.
*She has wanted Brown Cow creamy coffee yogurt cups.**
*She has wanted another ice tray for our freezer.

I didn't know what to get her. Ask me what I am sorta, kinda want for my birthday, and I would have a longer list.  :)

I finally decided. (I would have put up a poll about it on here, but I end up being the only one to vote, besides my mother that is.)               Glass food containers.

I got them from Crate And Barrel, a high quality home furniture, decor and kitchen gadgets site. Conveniently on sale. :)


 For her card, I am going to have all the children at our 5-day clubs sign a big, homemade card.

My sister and I have been teaching three, 5-day clubs over this past week. (3 a day).
5-day clubs are organized by a world-wide, non-profit children's organization, (CEF*,) training Christian teens and adults to teach children according to the basic Bible truths of salvation and Christian growth.
(5-day clubs are like free mini VBSs' in a back yard, park, community center, church, or house. Including games, Bible history, stories, snacks, prizes, puppets, songs, kid-friendly morals, and each year we learn about, support and pray for missionaries in another country. Usually during the summer.) (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Another Birthday! already past. 
One of my very closest friends I've known since 2nd grade. A kindred spirit you could say.
I havent seen her since before her birthday, so her gift is wrapped and waiting for this Sunday at church.

What do you think about some awesome fashionable rubber boots-
well, they really are cute, and I know her style. (They are black and white plaid.)
And some nail paint wands in her favorite, funky colors.

whoever can actually read the b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y. words to your right will be honored with the privilege of picking the "Picks of the Month" for this blog for September.

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