Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short take on ground zero mosque

So much controversy, so little logic!

  • Lefty's take: If you don't want a mosque at ground zero you hate Muslims!

  • Righty's take: Its abominable that Muslims would propose to build a mosque on ground zero.
  • Someone else says: "OK, Obama is a Muslim because he is backing this thing."
  • Another take: State shouldn't get involved in religious matters.

  • Maybe most of us: Confusing... what are the facts on this?
When I first heard that a mosque was being built on ground zero, I just about ran for a Q-tip to clean the wax from my ears.  How in the world could that even happen in America?!
Then I read up on it! Just as you may be doing right now, (and I hope you finish my article,) or you just stumbled upon this blog and thought you'd see what kind of geek I am.  Either way, though I am a right wing Christian, I look at facts, reason without hindrance, and build an informed, intelligent view on the pending subject.  Lets look at the unadulterated facts - keeping in mind I'm 15 and don't know everything yet - and see if we can build a little logic on ground zero.

The Facts:

  1. The proposed mosque will not be built on ground zero, but a few blocks from the site, unviewable from its location.

  2. There are already many mosques in the area. (Why they need another one, I don't really know, but then again, why does just about every town in America have three or more different church buildings?)

  3. Plans from city government assured that a Christian church: Saint Nicolas Church, which was destroyed during the tragic 9/11 has supposed to have been built for years now, but is now halted with the new mosque project.  Last Mark Arey, (Orthodox St. Nickolas church priest,) has heard was in March 2009, with a promise of "Our lawyers will call you back".

  4. President Obama does back the project.

  5. Our President's promotion is commended by our communist jihad friends in the Middle East. :S

  6. Mastermind behind the 9/11 attach, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, was held in a jail in Cuba, but then was released supposedly due to Obama's extreme procrastination of his trial.

  7. There has been a lot of rioting over the whole subject!!!

  8. Any more biggies? Add a nice little comment to this post.
MY TAKE on the facts:

Fact 1:  I don't really know why this is such a huge deal for location's sake alone, that is.  If you know, let me know!
Fact 2:  Yes, there are a lot of mosques in the area... the rate of mosques growing on American soil is unbelievable!  1462 mosques in the USA in 2007 (according to The Muslim Group of America, 2007 test)
Fact 3:  Its true, read it again...
Fact 4:  This part is a little more interesting, Barack Obama is all about separation of church and state*... if this means religion and state, then he shouldn't be getting so involved, (of corse he is the President, sometimes he has to get involved with controversial subjects, that I understand,) but if it's really the separation of the Christian-God-followers from the state, then maybe our radical, tolerating, relative leader is partial after all.  Then again, it could be rather dangerous to say no to Muslims... I'd say it is!  But they are not just treated with tolerance, and passive "we'll  be nice to you if you're nice to us," sort of thing, they are getting favored, treated, and raised up. 
(For more about the "separation of church and state" thing, see below.)
Fact 5: Just like a lot of stimulus packages, laws, actions, depts, enforcements, and speeches of Obama's, the dictators and rulers of Middle East, Iraq, and such, have sent personal agreement and encouragement to our President.  Just makes you think twice.

"The down side of Islamic rule: They kill everybody who doesn't believe as they do. The down side of Christians is that they are human... just like everybody else.  True Believers help those who don't believe as they do."   - anonymous

Fact 6:  In a little place called Guantanamo in the country of Cuba in little cells, many convicted past terrorists, murderers, and some 9/11 participants have been locked up for years... recently most were let go without follow up.  Call it irrelevant to our currant ground-zero-mosque discussion, if you will, but it sheds a bit of dirty light.
Fact 7:  No one can deny that there has been anger and rioting over the whole subject!
If you go to the top of the page again, you will see a scruffy lookin' guy holding a sign reading: "You can build a mosque at Ground Zero, when can we build a synagogue in Mecca."  It sounds like a good argument, but if you think about the "fairness" of America as it is supposed to be equal to all in any religions, we should practice that policy even if our "neighboring" countries are not.  Mecca is under a very different kind of rule right now than America... that shouldn't affect our constitution of rights.  America is not in charge of synagogues in Mecca!  (That is, the ruling is very different for us and them for the time being at least.)  Ignoring some facts surrounding the building project, and emphasizing others, that argument is up to you.  Personally I think that protest sign is not put together correctly under unbias scrutiny.
Fact 8 is for you!!!

Another NOTE:
What about us "haters" who don't really support the ground zero mosque idea? 
I'd say that for the billions of people who are not quite informed, or who maybe know better, or who just heard at first that a mosque was being build on ground zero, and have lost loved ones to September 11th would immediately clam up a little, don't you think?!
When loving testimonies of Christians are as much as heard by someone who is "offended" at Christianity are considered hate speeches, or hate crimes, I think that is a little different than mass murder by terrorists, and the well-know battle cry of Islamic forces to take over the world and to slay all for Alla.
Who is the "hater"?  I will let you answer... I don't really think I have to, but you are an American, and a human... your entitled to your own opinion and can actually talk peaceably about it without being thrown in jail!

*Separation of Church and State?

The First Amendment says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Absent from the amendment are the words "separation", "church", and "state".  And definitely no reference to "the separation of church and state".

If you are leery of this accuracy of the First Amendment script copied here, go read the whole thing for your very own self.  Be careful, and beware of those little triple periods, such as these"..."   You may have remembered from way back in elementary school that those mean that a part of the sentence is left out!  Get the whole thing!

Sincerely in Christ,
Valary-Mac  <><

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Valary-Mac's Haiku

I love different types of poetry... and have been poem-writing for quite some time... so I just thought I'd share some of my really recent Haikus'.

1. Fallen, by VM
One and a half feet
From my cot I have fallen
Back muscles spasm

2. Scarlet fence, by VM
Scarlet fences stand
Woven strips of aging wood
Firm for many years

3. Lover's Bouquet, by VM
Valentine-ish looks
From posies, daisies, roses
Bursting white and red

4. The Runner, by VM
Trail of speeding one
A gate of flashing sneakers
Breath in- breath out- fast

How to write Haikus':

Pick a subject : messy bedrooms, purple pebbles, your pet, a dream, different countries, etc.

First line: 5 syllables - no matter how many words you can fit into that it has to be 5 syllables.

Example: Green, gold, bare- replay

Second line: 7 syllables

Example: Trees and seasons rearrange

Line Three: Back to 5 syllables, wrapping up your poem

Example: We know God won't change

The Haiku I have used as an example rhymes, though most haikus' do not. Now you try!

Origin of Haikus':

Poetry has been written and memorized for thousands of years, in all different ways, for all different purposes, and the haiku style originated in Japan.  Though Japanese soldiers, or Samurai, were expected and trained to be fearless and brutal, art and sophistication were also highly encouraged. Samurai would tend gardens, study ancient history, learn brush strokes and art, and write poetry.  This poetry was called Haiku, and is fraught with mystery, nature and beauty - in accordance, usually, with their religion.

Friday, September 10, 2010

you just might be a homeschooler if...

  • ...$1.50 for a dress is way too much to spend!
  •'ve only ever listened to hymns... on cassette.
  • ...denim skirts are hot!
  • tie your hair up so you don't trip on it.
  • ...long capris show too much leg.
  • are unable to go swimming without your 1850's dress on.
  • knit your own thermal underwear
  • ...are still clueless about how babies "happen".
  • ...your parents resorted to naming your brothers and sisters alphabetically.
  • ...even white mascara is too dark for you
  • cant cross the street without your parents.
  • ...your brothers think floral dresses are attractive.
  • can figure out a page-long algebraic problem in your head.
  • share a bedroom with seven other children.
  • ...chewing gum is disrespectful!
  • ...P.E. must mean "phloral erangments", what else could it mean?
And Finally, you just may have been home schooled if...
  • ...your still too young to date at 65.
  • have ever felt more like staying home than going out.
  • wear dresses and white straw hats to church.
  • cant remember 1st through 12th grade.
  • have to call your parents every night.
  • married a homeschooler.
  • ...people think you've just stepped out of the 80s.
This is a joke... hopefully a funny one... and yes, I am a homeschooler.
Several of these I find nothing wrong, or "weird" about such as...

* I've always thought it would be cool to knit clothing... say... thermal undies?
*It's always good to be modest!
*We take PE!
* Being thrifty pays off in the long run. And the "short run".
*I do wear mascara, but some people chose not to... and that's OK!
*Long hair is pretty, right along with short.
*Smart kids are all over the place... Einstein was told in public school that he was mentally retarded, and would never amount to anything. (Nothing against public school)!
If you cant read any of the comics or see the words on the pictures, you can just click on them to view full-size.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visit KOR

The makers of Brio magazines for girls.  And a big all-family ministry that includes you!

Girl Quizz

How honest are you? Most people think they are pretty honest people, but about 83 percent of Christian teens also believe that moral truth depends on a particular situation. Take this short quiz to see if you are as truthful as you think you are:

1. Your best friend asks you if she looks good in her new prom dress. You:

A. Tell her she looks good, even though the dress washes her out.
B. Advise her to get a tan. That will help with the coloring. However, don't tell her why. It will just hurt her feelings.
C. Tell her to return the awful dress. She can look better, and you'll help her.

2. A friend tells you he's been using steroids, and he wants you to promise not to tell anyone. You:

A. Promise, then tell your parents.
B. Promise and don't tell anyone.
C. Don't promise. You know he's in trouble and he really needs help.

3. You get out of the store and realize the cashier gave you an extra $5 in change. You:

A. Go home. Hooray! An extra $5. It's the cashier's fault, after all.
B. Slip the $5 back on the counter by the cashier.
C. Give the money back to the cashier so she can put it back into the till.

4. When the teacher left the classroom someone wrote a nasty work on the board. The teacher asks you after class if you know who did it. You:

A. Say you weren't paying attention. You don't want people to hate you.
B. Tell her you think it was a certain person, but you just aren't sure.
C. Sure you tell her. It was really nasty and that person should be held accountable.

5. You overhear some people talking and whispering about a friend of yours. You don't say anything, but later your friends asks you if people are taking about her. You:

A. Tell her you haven't heard anything. Why hurt her feelings?
B. Tell her you heard something, but sugar-coat it.
C. Tell her what you heard and help her solve the problem.

Scoring Key:

Give yourself the following points for each answer:




5-7: You often lie to protect the feelings of others or protect your standing among friends. While you don't lie for the sake of lying, you can find ways of telling the truth that will increase your honesty quotient and keep others from feeling crushed.

10-12: You usually only lie when it depends on someone's feelings. While you may think you are protecting the person, it really isn't. Try to work on being more forthcoming and honest in the way you deal with situations. If you are tactful, you will find that the truth comes out much easier.

15-13: You are a truth-monger. Just be sure that you are not being too brutal in your honesty. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Psalm 37:37 - "Look at those who are honest and good. For a wonderful future lies before those who love peace." (NLT)
(I didnt write this quizz)

Hey, quizzers!  What kind of fuit are you? Check out another quizz at this link:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Picks of the month! September

I have been puting together a monthly highlight post for the last two months... and here is the September scoop!

Places to visit:
  • TechnoPowerMac- my all new music blog! Click on the link in the "links" page
  • The Homeschool song
  • Paperdoll/model outline... make your own!
  • No shampoooooooooooooo
  • A good cause
  • Compassion International (on the side bar, shows a picture on K. Kavya, read about her!)

Paper doll/model outline... Make your own!

I was saying in a previous post that I would be posting the model outline, (if you haven't seen the paper dolls I've designed, go to the bottom of this page to "labels" and click on "models",) here is is!

Right click on the picture you would like to copy to your desktop, and select "save this picture as...".

In addition to the model, I have included some patterns, heads, boots, trinkets, bows, hair styles, etc...
Feel free to use these too.  Take your pick!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

More models

I know, I know... its September already, and too cold for some of us to be swimming outside. (For us anyway in the northern half of the earth)  But I have just completed some more modest swimsuit ideas. I dont have any patterns because I just drew them, but I like the idea. ;)

Winter wear

Want a look at some of my summer clothes? I'm posting one soon!

Desktop Wallpapers

Friday, September 3, 2010

I've a fallen and I can't get up!

Well, I've had this blog for a while, and if you've been following, you a bit about me. I suppose I have to shatter your beautiful perception, (tee-hee,) of myself with a confession: I'm a klutz! Did I spell that right? No.
Anyway... I'm looking at my bruised shin right now, (and typing at the same time, that's hard, thank heaven for spell-check,) and am feeling the affects of a not-so-perfect back. I still grasp my breath at that memory just a few short days ago.
Here is the scoop:
It was 4:00am, and I was half asleep, and had been fully awake previously from 9pm-3:30am, lying on my bed, and thinking about how very comfortable it would be to roll over to the other half of my queen-sized mattress.  It is a very hard discision for one who is semi-conscious, but doesn't know it at the time, especially early in the morning -- or late at night, whatever you prefer.  I finally decided at long last to somersault over to that desired field of rest. 
Well, I layed in the spot I landed for a while, but that spot happened to be the floor. Yep, I rolled out of bed head first and somehow landed on my back in the totally opposite direction. It happened so fast, but I remember hitting my left shin on something, and being stretched out on my not-so-comfortable-at-the-time carpeting. I am rather odd in the face of danger, and I remember counting with my fingers how long it took me to re-gain my breath -- 30 seconds.  If it didn't hurt so much it would be hilarious! And even though it still hurts, I can laugh at myself, and hope I don't look to back-achy in Sunday school class, as to be able to keep this mostly to myself, (besides for you my dear readers, which isn't very secret, is it?).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twelve Days of Homeschool

The Homeschool Song

No, really, I am allowed to make fun of homeschoolers because I am one.  Have questions about homeschooling?  Check out the video above: "The twelve homeschooling moms", and make sure you listen to the end. (I am all about the "we are not strange" part :)
Still have questions? Comment. Nice comments!!!