Friday, September 3, 2010

I've a fallen and I can't get up!

Well, I've had this blog for a while, and if you've been following, you a bit about me. I suppose I have to shatter your beautiful perception, (tee-hee,) of myself with a confession: I'm a klutz! Did I spell that right? No.
Anyway... I'm looking at my bruised shin right now, (and typing at the same time, that's hard, thank heaven for spell-check,) and am feeling the affects of a not-so-perfect back. I still grasp my breath at that memory just a few short days ago.
Here is the scoop:
It was 4:00am, and I was half asleep, and had been fully awake previously from 9pm-3:30am, lying on my bed, and thinking about how very comfortable it would be to roll over to the other half of my queen-sized mattress.  It is a very hard discision for one who is semi-conscious, but doesn't know it at the time, especially early in the morning -- or late at night, whatever you prefer.  I finally decided at long last to somersault over to that desired field of rest. 
Well, I layed in the spot I landed for a while, but that spot happened to be the floor. Yep, I rolled out of bed head first and somehow landed on my back in the totally opposite direction. It happened so fast, but I remember hitting my left shin on something, and being stretched out on my not-so-comfortable-at-the-time carpeting. I am rather odd in the face of danger, and I remember counting with my fingers how long it took me to re-gain my breath -- 30 seconds.  If it didn't hurt so much it would be hilarious! And even though it still hurts, I can laugh at myself, and hope I don't look to back-achy in Sunday school class, as to be able to keep this mostly to myself, (besides for you my dear readers, which isn't very secret, is it?).

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