Saturday, October 16, 2010

New outfit combo

OK, so guys may not thoroughly enjoy this post here... but I think it will be fun for us ladies. (OK, us kids).

An outfit combo I put together... one of the many.

This is a dress I got a while back; I really like green, but this proved to be an interesting project.  Rather long, a little big in the top, and such.  I fortunately have a great sewing machine.
I'll try and get a close-up of the pattern here on the blog so you can see it better.

To add to my dress, which I wouldnt wear without something under and over it, I am adding a light green three-quarter cardigan, along with some high heels,  (because of the length of the dress,) and added a neckless along with earrings.
  I dont think I have a picture of the earrings, but I'll tell you about them... and the shoes. I wore squiggly, gold hoop earrings, and ivory canvas high heels.

I couldnt get the pictures to co-operate, so they are all over this post... sorry!
Now for the complete outfit!

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