Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pray for the Persecuted Church - and take action...

At www.persecution.org

  • Sign national and international petitions that are formally presented to governments that have the power to protect Christians.
  • Instructions for writing your elected officials encouraging them to incorporate international religious freedoms into U.S. foreign policies.
  • Instructions for writing to foreign embassies of the countries that persecute believers.
  • Facilitate the distribution of Bibles to persecuted believers.
  • Support the spouses and families of imprisoned or martyred pastors.
  • Support underground churches.
  • Help rebuild destroyed homes and churches
At www.persecution.com

  • Prisoners Alert: names and status of prisoners of faith
  • Colombian parachutes: dropped into remote areas - controlled by brutal drug lords and revolutionaries - containing Bibles, Christian radios, and literature.
  • How to become an advocate for the persecuted church in our church: reports, updates, prayer alerts.
  • Information on the construcion of "The Martyr's Monument", and how you can help.
  • Small Group video series' which increase awareness of the persecuted church in Viet Nam and Columbia.
  • Action Packs - similar to the Christmas Shoe Boxes, distributed by VOM as spiritual encouragement to our persecuted brothers and sisters.
  • The "Blanket and Bible" program. (read more about it at the link above!)
Voice of the Martyr's presents:   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1014040750955...

...what are action packs, how do they affect you, your family, and the needy recipients.

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