Friday, December 31, 2010

Picks of the month- December

For December-
  • Animals sing Joy to the World.
  • Gift Ideas for Christmas.
  • all 24 of the "Christmas Countdowns".
  • My favorite Christmas gift- 2010

"A Challenge for Purity" video

Let this be your New Year's resolution! 
I challenge you with the Holy Spirit.  I found this video on YouTube and it is blunt.  It needs to be in this day and age with the temptation staged as normal and healthy in the eyes of the world and even some Christians.  Whereas I disagree with dating all together, it isn't a sin if done for the glory of God.  Be sure of God's guidance before anything of the sort!  And don't start too young - it will just mess you up, and there is no good reason for it at all.   May God BLESS you for your obedience and fill you with joy!  Forgiveness is always available in His arms for past mistakes. Always remember what Jesus gave up for you, and His  inconceivable love, unconditionally. Now that is a great way to start, and end your new years.

PS:  If you need help with your situation, be sure to seek out a trusted pastor, or older mentor.  Comment below and I will pray for you.  Anonymity is perfectly fine.

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Gift- 2010

By far my favorite gift- 2010, (no offence to my sister who sewed me an amazing artifact of wonder and talent unsurpassed,) but is something that will go, is going, beyond me.  Gospel for Asia provides a livelihood for the lowest "untouchable cast" in Southern India.  My parents sent a pair of goats on our behalf. My sister and I. 
Two goats will provide nutritious milk with vitamins, minerals, and body and brain building protein and fat.  Excess milk will be sold for a good sum.  Starving children, (for they are, over there,) will be saved, and not by a means of temporal money gifts to purchase food, shelter, water, and covering, but a living animal which reproduces the same life-giving substances that bring those with nothing- to the One with everything.  Jesus Christ is working through these goats, cows, chickens, and camels that are given to poor, unloved Indians. 
And I am so very grateful that my parents saw this too!  Thanks for the awesome gift mom and dad!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Once a year...

Merry Christmas Eve!!! 
May God bless you with Himself this season and throughout the upcoming years!
- Valary-Mac

Christmas Countdown, Dec. 24

Since it really is a bit late to getting a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve Day, I thought I'd put a gift selection on anyway. (Not all of us get all of our Christmas shopping done and wrapped in June.) So this selection I have chose for you is...

Homemade Cards
Don't go past this... they are almost forgotten these days. You don't have to be a master artist - you can even get pre-packaged homemade gift card kits in stores. (How ironic, huh?)  But no doubt about it... they are sooooo appreciated!

Here are some tips:

For the Picture above... making a cut out-card always shakes things up a bit.
Fold your card stock in half, and make the inside a different color than the outside.  Then cut or punch a shape, or shapes, in the front of the card.
You can decorate it however you would like... and it always looks cute.
Try putting a worded, or patterned backround for a neat spin. Be Creative!


Have a kid Christmas.  That's the best way to make Christmas cards!
Cut strips of red, green, silver, gold, blue, or whatever Christmassy paper you have on hand, and glue them into simple designs. Stay away from intricate designs including millions of snowflakes, or strings of Christmas lights.

Go ahead, use a plain Christmas card stock... but dress up the front.  Use a coordinating paper, darker or lighter, and glue it to the lower half of the front of the card.  Cover up the line with a ribbon or stickers.  Make sure that the two papers aren't necessarily the same color, but that one is plain, and the other patterned.


Take advantage of those childhood craft supplies... and make your card two toned and textured.
Find thick, embezzled paper, and rip out shapes to stick on the front.  Add hand written tidings, or a Christmas stamp.
Cut out felt designs to make reindeer heads or bodies. ItsOK if your deer bodies look like overweight bears... odd is in! Puff balls are fun to play with. Use them as noses, hat tassels, elf shoes, and rosy red cheeks.

Give depth to your card... make an uneven edge, fold just off the center, or fold in thirds.
Make each "layer" a different shade, color, or pattern.  (coordinating of coarse.) And write your message on all three.

Have the kids make the bows, have everybody write a greetings, scent it with Auntie's perfume.  Draw a picture of your family, help baby with the Christmas stamp set. Make designs with thumb-prints.

Sometimes more is less.  Make a one-dimensional card. Decorate the front, write your message on the back. It can even be used as a Christmas tree ornament.

... into the past.  I never thought I'd say this, but not all "thoughtful" cards are homemade cards.  Take a trip to the antique store, and ask to see old fashioned greeting cards.  They can be anywhere from a dollar to five, but they can be some of the best ones ever.

Stick with CHRISTmas

Old fashioned fun

Gas or no gas...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec. 23

Scripture luggage tags
These are a cute and powerful gift idea.  Tuck into a tiny, coordinating envelope with a little note of encouragement.
Made of metal, and about 2 1/2 inches tall.

---$1.99 each at (type search "luggage key tag")---

Making envelopes

little envelopes

Christmas Countdown, Dec. 22

Christian Comedy DVD
Get a clean laugh in the year's most merry month, and save it for the whole year long with the worlds funniest Christian comedians.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Mark Lowry goes to Hollywood
  • Thou shalt laugh DVDs (there are 3)
  • Chonda Peirce (keepin' it real, laughin')
  • Taylor Mason
  • The best of Tim Hawkins DVD
  •  Bone Hampton
    Chonda Peirce
    Taylor Mason
  • Dennis Swansburg, tribute to fathers 
  • Dennis Swansburg, tribute to mothers

All comedy is clean here.  All Christian, all hold-your-sides, roll-down-the-steps-laughin' type, and good for the family.  Some material a little too grown-up for very young children.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec. 21

Sweet tooth's Breakfast  ;)
This is homemade, and hilarious.  Using pretzel rods, crunch bars, m&ms, cherry bon-bons, and gingerbread (plus more,) make a mess-o Breakfast for your favorite sweet tooth.

1. "Eggs":
Melt semi-sweet or regular white chocolate in a medium bowl.
Place a small-medium cherry bon-bon, (or any flavor you should choose,) and place them on a cookie sheet covered with wax-paper.
Make sure the bon-bons have room... about 3-4 inch diameter around them clear.
Drizzle the melted white chocolate with a large spoon over the bon-bons or small cookies so that it drips down and creates a base around the bon-bon.
What slightly hard, press a yellow Skittle or M&M in the center, logo side down. Place in refrigerator or out side on a cold shelf to harden completely.  When they are done, take them off the wax paper and into the fridge on a covered plate.

2. "Bacon":
Stretch Island Fruit Co. makes some mean fruit leather for an extremely good price. Available in most local health food stores.  Or pick up some raspberry, cherry, or otherwise red-ish colored fruit leather. Lay them on a wax-papered sheet, and melt some dark or milk chocolate in a small bowl.
Drizzle in a two small wavy streaks down the long side of the fruit leather, and then, if desired, cut the long-side in wavy lines to match the chocolate pattern. You may want to take some extra white chocolate from your "fried eggs", and drizzle a very small wavy line down one of the dark or milk chocolate streaks.

3. "Toast and Jam":
Make your favorite recipe of soft ginger bread, and roll out on a floured surface. Make your cookie dough a little thicker when rolled out for a better "bread" appearance.  If you have a slice-of-bread cookie cutter, you can use that or cut the shape in the cookie dough.  (Be sure to preheat your oven.)  Grease your cookie sheet, and bake your gingerbread for as long as needed. When done, remove from oven and let cool on a cooling rack or on a shelf outside in the cold.  When cooled, spread with purple frosting to look like grape jam.  You can make colored frosting by adding a few drops of food coloring to regular frosting from a can, or homemade.

4. "Sausage":
Buy a few large Nesle' Crunch bars, and partially melt then in a medium bowl.  When chocolate is ready for dipping, dip short, thick pretzel rods in the mixture. Set upright and let chocolate harden.  Break off the ends of the pretzel that do not have chocolate, and cover with left-over crunch chocolate.

5. "Coffee":
This is simple.  You may find mini Hot chocolate packets in local-stores, (Wal-mart,) and you can tuck this inside a small coffee cup.

Best wrapping results are in a Christmas gift bag with logs of tissue paper.  Food can be put in smaller plastic bags.  :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec.20

Whats even better than the new DVD they've been wanting?
Or that gift card for the movie theatre? A whole library full? Sure!
What about Netflix?!  (
Click on the link above, and check out how you can give Netflix.
It's $9.99 a month... and unlimited video variety. Be sure you
check out the movies you aren't sure about on
to see a Christian based overview and rating.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec.18

Cross jewelry
The beautiful form of witness

---Ebay has a huge variety of cross necklaces, pendants, stones, and earrings.  Choose from hundreds under one dollar.---

Woman's Cross Jewelry:

Abstract Pearl

Green beaded

Brown Celtic design

Golden link crosses

Faux diamond

Cross Earrings:
Green swirled glass

Black plain

Silver cross hoops
 Men's Cross jewelry:

sterling silver

Square, black/white

Silver embossed, Rejoice!
 So many more to choose from!!!  Check out the list at the top of the page.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec.16 &17

Christian Magazine Subscribtion - Dec. 16
The gift that keeps giving all year long

Guidepost- a guide for today's Christian world- currantly unavailable

CCM Magazine- Christian music guide-
WORLD magazine- must-have Current events and topics from Christian views-

Brio mag- The girl's ultimate Christian magazine -

Writers Digest- it isnt officially Christian, but it encourages and helps aspiring writers -

Make-your-own Opoly - Dec. 17
You will get a kick out of this game! Customize a complete Monopoly game with names, photos, family quirks, and sayings for the funnest game night ever.  Great gift idea!

---$26.56 at Amazon---