Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas countdown, Dec. 13

Rubber boots
So we all wear boots in winter right?  Well, maybe not all of us... but unless you live in Texas, you get rain, too. 

Give the gift nobody gives... and we will love you for it!  Make sure to get a unique or girly design... or have them pick it out themselves.

I really don't know where all you will find the perfect boot at for the best price.  I got some blue plaid boots at Wally-Mart, and some at Aldi's of all places.  You can go to google... click on the search division "shopping", and type in girls rubber boots.  A good price is anything up to $30.00... and that is getting expensive for a tight-wad like me. :) Below are some pictures of boots that most girls would find attractive to receive.

Green butterfly



Plaid rubber clogs

Zebra print

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