Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Dec. 9-10

Wow!  I really dropped the ball!  Since you probably waited until midnight yesterday waiting for my "Christmas Countdown, Dec. 9", (just kidding,) I'll just conveniently give it to you now.  :)

Nativity Cookies  -Dec. 9
Creative and tasty spin on the typical Christmas cut-out cookie.  Simple enough for children to help with.

It should be pretty easy to find Nativity cookie cutters, or you could be crafty and creative to a larger extent, and cut out your own designs from your cookie dough sheet.
Bake, let cool, prepare frosting in various colors, and let your imagination take hold.  Was Joseph wearing orange, or blue?  Were the shepherds bringing sheep, or lambs?  What did the wise men use to carry their gold and frankincense and Mir in?
After your all done and the frosting has somewhat dried onto your cookies, arrange prettily in a tin or on a plate.

Eyeglasses holders and stands -Dec. 10
One of the most hilarious gifts!

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Sorry the pictures are all over the place, they wouldn't cooperate.  ;0

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