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Wordless Book Song (In Da 5-Day Club) 2007

This, my friends, is a little sample of whats going on during talent night at CYIA training camp with CEF.
(CYIA= christian youth in action; CEF= child evangelism fellowship. < Click there

Just a little something from 2007 that has been made a tradition every since that year.
In brief, it is funny little rap that lays out what we are learning, have learned, put into practice, and use the rest of our lives, even if not involved with the children's ministry CEF the next year.  It is a training to know what you believe in a format that is portrayable to others, mainly children.
One of these useful tactics includes the wordless book, using colors to tell the salvation story. 

Gold, Dark, Red, Clean, Green.

God as the Creator who loves us and has prepared a place for us in heaven (John 3:16a and John 14:3). But He is also holy or completely perfect, so that nothing bad can be with him and he must punish sin.  (explain sin as anything that you may think, say, or do that would displease God or make Him sad.) Then who has sinned?  We all have sinned, no one hasn't, and we were born with a sin nature. (Romans 3:23 and Romans 7:18b.)  That separates us from God, and we will be separated from Him forever.  The only thing that could take away all our sin and make us perfect enough for God would be someone dying to take our place, or our punishment; shedding His blood. (Hebrews 9:22b.)  Jesus, God's perfect son, was willing to do so because of His great love for us. (John 3:16.)  Briefly explain that Jesus was born a man on earth and never sinned, but was accused of wrong doing and died a painful death on the cross, but did not stay dead because He had defeated death, and arose to heaven where He is now.
We can have that free gift of salvation from sin and eternal punishment if we...
  1. A - admit that we are sinners
  2. B - believe what Jesus did for us 
  3. C- choose Christ as our Savior     (Romans 10:9.)
You can ask them if they would like to receive Jesus as their savior, and whatever they decide, you support them. (No dissing or discouraging, but don't agree with them that rejecting Christ for the time being is the best choice, offer them a Bible, and tell them that God is always listening for them.)
If they so choose, let them pray in their own words. Then make sure they know what decision they made by asking them: "What did Jesus just do for you?!".  (Acts 16:31a) Then show them that God has sent the Himself to be with you and always help you, (Joshua 1:5b), and that he or she will never loose their salvation - that's assurance. And that he or she can grow in their faith by...
  1. G - going to church and/or Sunday school
  2. R - reading God's word and praying
  3. O - obeying God's word, the Bible
  4. W - witnessing, or telling others about God
God will forgive their sins in the future if they confess it to Him if they are sorry. (Leviticus 5:5)
Give them a Bible, tract, and ask what church they go to, and if not, refer them to a local, Bible preaching church - with their parents permission.

Hope you enjoy the video
Its very "homemade", but it is extremely well done for 4 guys getting together and writing and performing a rap in less than a week, with lots of training classes to attend!  Believe me, I know.  ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bumper sticker wisdom

Believe me, it burns!

Is this the low carb selection?

Plenty to go around

He knows where you are.  Do you know where He is?

bound to be controversial

Are you in or out?

Not just a game

Now that's fresh!

Not just a girl's thing

Who are you rooting for?

Need some caffeine to take this one?


Team Jesus Christ

Too tuff to top

LIFE Links and Books

When murder ravages our country with our leaders behind its base, their is only so much we can do with words.  Let me refer you to the words of those who have been in the abortion clinics, survived abortions, know the truth about premature child murder, and have lived with the hard facts.


Books Resources:

  • A Christian Manifesto, A. Schaeffer
  • Pro life answers to to Pro choice arguments, Randy Alcorn
  • How to be a Christian in a brave new world, Joni Eareckson Tada and Nigel M. DE S. Cameron
  • The good life, Charles Colson
  • Anatomy of the soul, Curt Thompson MD
  • Dancing with Max, Emily Colson
  • Unplanned, Abby Johnson
  • Gianna, Jessica Shaver
  • Life without Limits, Vijicic

Dear Prolife Friend,

ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments was originally published in 1992 and was used extensively in prolife education and training. With the help of many others I've just finished revising, updating and expanding the book.
This revised edition is essentially a brand-new book—it's grown from 294 pages to 455 pages and approximately 300 of the nearly 800 end notes are new, from current sources, many of those in the year 2000. Every page of the original has been changed. Statistics have been updated and new charts and pictures added. Many new subjects are covered, including partial-birth abortion, fetal tissue research, and frozen embryos.
Since the first edition of the book I've received many requests for additional information from students, prolife organizations, speakers and writers. So I've added seven new appendices which cover topics such as communicating the prolife message, a Bible study for group discussion, a church's position statement on abortion and a sanctity of life message. Other topics covered include chemical abortions and the birth control pill.
I've received many reports over the years indicating God in his grace has used this book to train and equip prolifers to communicate our message. Recently I received a letter saying "After reading your book, I went through a belief change. I used to be strongly prochoice. Now, I'm strongly prolife." She then asked for a recommendation of a prolife group near her, where she could serve as a volunteer. We were happy to direct her to one of the organizations listed in the resource section.

- Randy Alcorn

Non-toxic Nail Polishes

*There are lots of brands out there that say they are all-natural or nontoxic, and there is no chemical-free nail polish (that I could find -- tell me if I’m wrong!) on the market. But there are three main ingredients you are looking to avoid:

1.Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

2.Formaldehyde (yes, seriously, in your nail polish)

Those three have been linked to problems ranging from skin irritation in people to birth defects in animals.

Polishes that exclude all three of the above-listed chemicals:

Piggy Paint, nontoxic, odorless, kid-friendly, kid-colored, water-based formula.

Honeybee Gardens, an alternative to solvent-based nail polish, water-based, odorless, removes with rubbing alcohol.

No-Miss, does not contain the three-to-avoid above, and also does not contain camphor.

Acquarella, water-based system of nail polish, conditioner, remover and moisturizer.

Suncoat, water-based nail polish that has been recognized and honored from the Canadian Health Food Association Expo.

Gaiam, created by New York City’s first organic spa, this nontoxic nail polish is free of known carcinogens.

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics, created by the Environmental Working Group as the safest paint-based natural nail polish.

Sante, created without the use of formaldehydes, toluene, and colophony rosin.

Nubar, carcinogen-free nail care products.
Safe Nail Polish, nontoxic, odorless, made in the USA.

Priti, nontoxic, made without the evil-three and all know carcinogenic ingredients.

Spa Ritual, vegan nail lacquers.

*Taken from Care2 Green Living blog, promoted on Yahoo! Green.

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Best Baby Laughs!

Stylish Snowpants?

Lucky Shell Plaid

Are there such a thing as stylish snow pants?  Probably none that will make you look like a super model in tights, but there are cute ones out there!  Check out the link below for some great resources.

Party Polka dot

Gor-tex Jean snow pants

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The blog scramble

I've been working on updating my blog.  Mostly the side-bar to your right on the screen.  Still isnt perfect; still some of the pictures are too wide for the side-bar.  But its coming along!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Walter Hoy's "Black genocide"

To quote part of our Church's weekly insight newsletter and prayer list:

 "    Walter Hoy, one of today's great African American leaders is speaking out against what he calls a "black genocide" as attempts to get a human rights amendment passed in the state of California.  He notes:

  • Since 1973 over 14.5 million black babies have been killed by abortion.  Every single day 1,200 black babies are put to death in abortion facilities, making abortion the leading cause of death among African Americans by far!  Nearly half of all black babies conceived die in abortion chambers today. Hoy says this means that a black child is safer on the streets of the worst neighborhoods in America than in his mother's womb!
  • Today, abortion kills more black Americans in less than three days than the KKK killed in 86 years.
  • African Americans make up twelve percent of the US population, yet thirty-seven percent of all abortions are performed on black women. This is because eugenic-minded pro-abortion forces target American blacks by putting abortion clinics in predominately black neighborhoods.   "

I say, "if abortion was legal, and people made a living off of it, then it would, sadly, make sense to strategically place abortion clinics in predominantly black neighborhoods."  If abortion is legal, and utterly, unmistakably, undeniably, unquestionably, unanswerably, unarguably legal mass-murder, then I say it must stop!

I have stated facts... not opinions, in the last three bullet points, (so called because they usually douse the informed with a quick summery of points, or facts to prove something or convey a message,).
I want you to read them again... no really.  Not because I think they will become less abrasive or jolting, or because I want you to have mental images in your brain to torture you, but because these facts, these points, point to something!  Tell me what they point to!
What is happening?!  Is it the coming of the age?  It is.  Is it something to tolerate or even welcome?  No!  Is there something to do about it?  Yes!

Why is abortion a sin?  Is it because the abortion method is screaming brutality, (mass killing by scissors and knives without consequence,) or is it because abortion is sad to think about, or because they seem to target a certain people group in their distress?  I would say not.
Abortion is a sin because God commands us not to murder.  It is all very simple!
If you are not quite sure that is God's view, then I'll show you a few verses that basically scratch the surface:

  • Exodus 20:13- "You shall not murder."
  • Deut. 5:17-  "You shall not murder."
  • Judges 9:56-  "Thus God repaid the wickedness that Abimelek had done to his father by murdering..."
  • Matthew 19:18-  "Jesus replied, 'you shall not murder, your shall not commit adultery."
  • John 8:44-  "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning..."
  • James 2:11-  "For he who said, “You shall not commit adultery,” also said, “You shall not murder.” If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker."
  • 1 John 3:12-  "Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered..."
  • 2 Kings 8:12-  A Prophesy - "...“You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women.”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good deals on Good food

Don't break the bank
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(Many organic, unsalted, raw, nuts and nut butters can be found on nuts online along with dried berries)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A wish list

I am content.  Overly, even. I would be content if I had half the clothes I had.  I look at magazines and catalogues and think...
"That's really cool. If I had that I would do this with it.  But I don't have it and I'm kinda glad."

This is because I am daily surrendering myself to God, using His strength to do it with His determination that He has given me.

A wish list is always something a girl has.  Whether for the shoes at Wal-mart, the science project, or the college you might be thinking about in a few years, or maybe months.

Though there is nothing I feel like I need besides the basic food I eat everyday, (and that is provided by my parents,) I think certain little somethings would be pretty awesome...

  • purple moccasins
  • unlimited teaching supplies
  • hair bands that didn't lose themselves
  • homemade kombucha
These are things, (besides the kombucha,) that I don't have... and if were given to me I would not refuse. Although I really am perfectly content without them.

What are your wishes, wish-lists, dreams, etc?

Kids' Rock by Tim Hawkins

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Modest Models

 Winter Fashion
Red earth

"Felt" nice

Frosty fire bomb

Celebrity Styles

Silver plum drop

Golden bell

Dreary Rainbows

Clean and Cozy

Pink Ribbon Lady

Pink Ribbons

Out there!
Zippers and laces

A story by me - "What Happened in the 5th Drawing Room"

This story takes place in England in the 1600s.  I know that all the language is not Old English, (I think I even have a "totally" in there,) but I enjoyed writing it.  I desperately hope you enjoy reading it. :)  Not to many deep philosophies in this story. Just the playful mind of a seven-year-old boy.
This is the picture that inspired me.
"Charles Callis Western and His Brother Shirley: by John Singleton Copley
What happened in the 5th drawing room by V-M

"Was catching roaches a couple of mornings ago; that is I wasn't s'possed to be, because it was a secret. One of the secrets like daddy says he has. He says his are 'bout the "land and finances", and that I wouldn't understand them and I would get them all wrong. I think he just wants to go about on his magical horse that turns gold and sprouts wings and grows extra legs when everybody is asleep, and goes about spying on the peasants, which I think are tiny lizards. Daddy and him go riding into the "land" as daddy calls it, and do mysterious and noble things.

Well, anyway, that's what I was doing, a very Noble thing it was - which seems to be such a useful secret, since Nursey hates the little cute crawly things and is always calling the gardeners when she catches sight of them - it was supposed to be a secret adventure, like when daddy goes and flies about killing dragons and taxes and evil beings like what I heard him say once, though he won't admit it; saying its all rubbish. I think he is rather fond of the "taxes" monster, which I imagine is a huge, fire-breathing lizard type of thingy with rainbow scales and a low, mournful, growl that makes everything drop dead unless they are very important and brave people like my daddy. In fact I'm quite sure it is like that, but only much more serious and scarier. I very much am fond of the thought of evil things being lizards, for they are such odd, funny creatures; but I don't like their noses. And evil things have noses such as that - this is something I know, because I always think of them on rainy days when my slippers and jacket come alive and we run over the castle.

But while I was secret-ing in the bushes, Nursey came up behind me all sneaky like, and then saw the roaches and scared them all away when she screamed for the gardener. I didn't think it quite fair for her to do such, because I was catching them for her, and was going to behead them like the king did of his enemies and hang them on the London bridge. Only I don't have a London bridge, so I would have to imagine I had one. They aren't too common around England, as I imagine a London bridge would have to be in London, and there is only one of those things.

After Nursey grabbed my ear, (she has very long fingers, for she is a spider in disguise, I am quite sure,) she dragged me in the house to wash me.

As I went down the hall with her, I was trying to explain to her that I really wasn't scared of spiders, but I would rather not be washed by one.

Then daddy's head man came down the same hall. I don't understand why he is the "head man", for his head is the same size as daddy's and mum's and Nurse's, and he has a body with legs and toes and fingernails like you and I both do have. He is an evil man, I am sure. He is a wizard, who put a princess under a spell, so she was turned into a dog. She can only be undone and made person again if a dog bites Head Man on the left hand on the top of the middle finger. I think that is a magical spot, because George - my brother - had a blister on that finger after Nursey told him not to put it in a pot of bad stuff. I know it was bad because I tasted it, and that was before she put the boiling water in. Tasted awful like soap. I stuck my tongue out and Nursey didn't like that at all. George mentioned that it was rude, even after I explained to him that he was going to turn into a frog or turtle or... something - I haven't decided yet.

Later that day - which happened to be the national holiday of turtles in trees - I was told we would have our portrait taken. I didn't know we owned a portrait, but I didn't want it taken. I asked if perhaps, since we somehow knew it would be taken soon, we could set up a watchman for the thief. They said it didn't make sense how I said it, but I thought I explained it rather well. It turns out that our portrait was never supposed to be taken in the first place, but we were going to have one made up of us. Us, meaning, me and George. Not even mum or daddy or Head Man - just us. We sat in the 5th drawing room, and it was very boring. There was nothing to play with and definitely nothing to squash or behead and they had me stand and point at nothing particular at one point. I didn't like that, because then my friend shall look at my portrait and say, "Hello! What are you pointing at?" And I would have to say, "Oh, nothing particular. You see, it was all in vain. But that was until the 7th day.

I was wishing very much I had a bowl of disgusting lentil posh to drown my invisible spoon-men in, when I noticed I was not being scolded. (Charles is never, ever scolded, because he reads grown-up books,)
I looked about and the portrait-person was completely, all-the-way asleep. His eyelashes didn't even flicker like they do when you are squeezing your eyes shut, pretending very hard to be asleep.
Everybody else had gone to so something else, and I wanted so much to do something else also. George did too, although he didn't say anything.
I got up and crept along the ground like a snake with disturbed digestion, and looked all around with my big snake eyes, flicking my tongue like they do. I had never realized how hard it was to flick one's tongue and George said my tongue looked nothing like a snake's tongue when it flicked. I wanted to yell, but then I heard a very strange noise. It was the sound of a wizard scraping the bottom of his breakfast bowl with a golden spoon. I thought that was odd because it was not breakfast time, and wizards are never supposed to use golden spoons!  Unless they go to mum's finest cupboard and take them without permission.

I immediately thought of daddy's Head Man. He is just the type to do something underhanded like that! I did a flip with my power-skills and landed on the ceiling. Then something hideous came into the room! It would be hard to say if it was Head Man, because everything was up-side-down, but it had a lizard nose and orange feet. (That speaks volumes about one's character, you know. Its a sure giveaway of a sneaky lineage.) I grabbed the chandelier which had magically turned into a double sword specially made for lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Heads, and leaped off of my perch. George, who's secret name is Sir Palooza, had sprouted two pairs of wings, and was just winding his twenty yard tail around the arm of the sofa. (I don't know how much a yard is, but I think it something like a mile, and that is very long, I think.)

The lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head let out a war-like gurgle - like the gurgle you make when you make bubbles in your tea at 4 o'clock luncheon with Nursey - and rushed onto Sir Palooza. He was very heavy, so when he missed, his body made a large hole in the floor, knocking out the walls.

It was a very long battle, but the portrait-person ended up awake, and started painting very fast. Now there was two of me, and two of George, I mean Sir Palooza, and a white and brown dog! This was bad news for lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head, because a dog could break the spell he, (I think,) put on the princess.

All of a sudden, Sir Palooza and me lost our super powers, and we landed back into our portrait seats. Mr. Lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head liked that and made a rush for us, blowing this hunting-whistle on top of his head all the while. George, I mean Sir Palooza, started reading furiously in his grown-up book, trying to figure out how one should run away from a lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head, drawing maps and diagrams with speedy rapidity that boggles the human brain into a too-thick mush like at breakfast. But I had a better idea!
"Here Babalooga!"
I shouted heroically, (for that was the dog's name,) and he pounced where I was pointing. He ran backwards all the way to lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head Man, looking at where to go from the invisible mirror I held, and then did a triple flip, watching his chirography from my mirror, tracing each side-step and pounce. It seemed like slow motion. George looked up in a very heroic way, (Oh, bother, I shall just call him George now, and not Sir Palooza,) and I gave a devilishly good-looking grin. The dog opened his mouth and said the words,
"Now I have gotten you Mr. lizard-nosed-and-orange-footed Head, and you will melt like a pudding in the oven when Cook has put to much cream into it."
Although it sounded a lot like barks and growls, but I could decode it because of my elf-brain.

He bit deep into the top of Head's middle-finger-on-his-left-hand. Daddy's Head Man disappeared in an instant, and the dog stayed a dog, but I s'posse a princess became human again somewhere in great big Britain. I suppose I had passed out from the drama and pressure of saving the universe, but only a little bit, for I woke up later, and the portrait was all done.

It was of the dramatic scene where we were in a dimly lit cave, (with trees and rivers and clouds and balconies,) and the dog jumping to my command. You see, the portrait man must have been very quick in that last split second to catch all that. Nursey said I had dremp it, but how else had the artist known to draw a white and brown dog named Babalooga? Because there had been no dog, nor cave in the room all 7 days. I had heard of certain odd little men adding details in paintings that actually wasn't there in real life. You see, it was pure magic. And that, my dear ladies and gentlemen, (I've always wanted to say that), is what happened in the 5th drawing room. But I have yet to drown the spoon-men in lentil stew."


Monday, January 17, 2011

Easily amused us

Ever get the feeling that what your family goes ballistics over really isn't that funny?  Well, its fun anyway, isn't it?

Not when mother gets the family together in their beloved line for their "lovely tonic".  I'm talking about fish oil in the big ol' spoon.  And not just any fish oil... cod liver oil.  And if we could afford it, it would be fermented cod liver oil.  That's right... don't ya know its soooo much better for ya? (All that means is that you have to shake the bottle before pouring because stuff settles on the bottom.) 
Just working on forming memories here, kids!
The Johnson's daily column of mirth comes after supper today:  Sure enough, we go find our teaspoon of chocolate chips, carefully and strategically we pile as many little drops of all-natural dark chocolate as possible, (and permissible,) into that all-too-small-spoon, and wait for the moment when we have swallowed the bitter truth that cod liver oil isn't always subdued by chocolate.  Ok, it isn't all that bad.
Some good clean fun can come out of it... as it did today.
My dear sister is not exactly fond of cod liver oil. (surprise, surprise!)  I tolerate it. I thank my mom for taking care of me.  My sister, as I mentioned, still isn't so fond of "that stuff".
So it came as a surprise when she plastered a goofish grin on her little doll face, and happily, slowly, slurped up the mellow yellow liquid.  Of course we all bursed out laughing, and she did too- spitting most of it only moms sleeve, but its all good.  :)

That, my dear blog readers, describes Easily amused us.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Grub Hubbub - ALOdrink

Click to enlarge

ALOdrink site link:

Do you know about Aloe vera?  Have you heard what its all about?

 The Aloe plant is a root-into-leaf shrub about one foot high, give or take, that produces a gel inside its think stalk-like leaves.
This is harvested by cutting open the spiky green leaves and scooping out the gloppy, clear gel.  This is purified or diluted to make purified aloe vera gel, or aloe vera juice.  (also made into capsules and softgels for medicinal purposes.)

In the summer, it is widely used as a soothing topic for major burns.  It is good as a moisturizer and added in many cremes, washes, soaps and some make-ups. Many topical uses include a rub for sore muscles, burns and blisters, wrinkle control, lubricants, cracking dry spots, aching joins, and sore feet. Gentle enough to use on sensitive facial skin.

As in ingested substance:  This has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid and stomach ache saver.  Also used as a laxative when taken in concentrated doses.  Comfortable for cushioned joints.

If you can get past the fact that their are sweet little chunks of aloe in there, its scrumteous!  Fairly inexpensive, and comes in seven lucsious flavors:

Exposed (honey)
Awaken (wheat grass)
Enrich (pomegranate, tart cherry)
Appeal (citrus)
Allure (mango, mangosteen)
Enliven (12 fruits and veggies)
Elated (olive leaf extract)

Combining healthy superfruits such as mangosteens and pomegranates, antioxidants such as honey and olive leaf, nutrition from 12 fruits and veggies, sick fighters such as citrus and olive leaf, and medicinal substances like wheat grass, tart cherry and... you guessed it... olive leaf, again.
A mellow sweet flavor with a delightful aftertaste.

Brought to you by the...

Modest clothing directory

Modest really is Hottest!

Everything from swimwear to shoes; from bridal gowns to capris.

Your one stop modesty shop with links to hundreds of modest clothing lines.  Go there girls!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Psychology... and guys

If a writer is anyone who writes,
and I do, in fact, write,
then I must be a writer.

But what if it isn't?  What if your not a writer until you are recognized as such?  And if that is the case, who must recognize you?  Must you be published?
(I know that isn't the case, because not all published authors can, exactly, write.)

What if you can but can't write? 
there lies my dilemma.  If I am going to write about the fiction of reality, or reality of fiction, (basically describing anything in this universe,) I have to know it; I have to understand it, I have to have a view, before I am able to do anything with that knowledge and understanding. I have to have at least some sort of view on the subject to be able to weigh it, and then be able to change it if need be, and then, somehow, present it in your book.
I don't know how guys brains work; I don't know hardly anything about them.  I can't just write books about the all-girl-land where there are no boys because Valary-Mac doesn't know how to write them! 
That's ridiculous.  Yes, I have a dad, and a brother, and I do have guy friends. (notice I say guy-friends, and not boy-friends.)  Does that automatically answer all my questions? No, it doesn't.
I am hoping to take psychology in college courses, - not so I can know about guys, not so I can sell books and make money and be semi-famous, not so I can see through people's brains - it is so I can understand more of what God has given us.  So I can be better at my job, and help more people.  And because I cannot rest until I know everything I've wondered about... and that takes a long time.