Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lets upset the norm!  And if you know somebody named Norm, then don't take it as a free pass from me to be annoying. ;)
I'm talkin' about thanking God for things even when it isn't Thanksgiving.  Brand new thought, huh?  Shouldn't be!  And it isn't hard at all.  I was walking to work a few days ago, and when I came to the busy intersection on the town square, there was a very short wait.  Thanks God!
I was able to choose the right Christmas gift out of the thousands of same-priced, encouraging gadgets out there for my friend... even down to the right color.  Thanks again, God!
He graciously gave me the direction to know who to pray with and when on Wednesday-night youth-group.  Triple thanks!

Some other ones:
  • 19 cousins and more to come.  Plus countless second cousins.
  • My own room. (I find I have more time, focus, resources, space and energy to serve God in specific ways!)
  • Two dogs that try my patients and encourage me in strange ways.
  • The ability to teach in the schools about the Bible and Salvation. (In the public schools? Oh yeah, baby!)
  • You name the million-trillion-billion others!

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