Monday, January 17, 2011

Easily amused us

Ever get the feeling that what your family goes ballistics over really isn't that funny?  Well, its fun anyway, isn't it?

Not when mother gets the family together in their beloved line for their "lovely tonic".  I'm talking about fish oil in the big ol' spoon.  And not just any fish oil... cod liver oil.  And if we could afford it, it would be fermented cod liver oil.  That's right... don't ya know its soooo much better for ya? (All that means is that you have to shake the bottle before pouring because stuff settles on the bottom.) 
Just working on forming memories here, kids!
The Johnson's daily column of mirth comes after supper today:  Sure enough, we go find our teaspoon of chocolate chips, carefully and strategically we pile as many little drops of all-natural dark chocolate as possible, (and permissible,) into that all-too-small-spoon, and wait for the moment when we have swallowed the bitter truth that cod liver oil isn't always subdued by chocolate.  Ok, it isn't all that bad.
Some good clean fun can come out of it... as it did today.
My dear sister is not exactly fond of cod liver oil. (surprise, surprise!)  I tolerate it. I thank my mom for taking care of me.  My sister, as I mentioned, still isn't so fond of "that stuff".
So it came as a surprise when she plastered a goofish grin on her little doll face, and happily, slowly, slurped up the mellow yellow liquid.  Of course we all bursed out laughing, and she did too- spitting most of it only moms sleeve, but its all good.  :)

That, my dear blog readers, describes Easily amused us.

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