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The Grub Hubbub - ALOdrink

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Do you know about Aloe vera?  Have you heard what its all about?

 The Aloe plant is a root-into-leaf shrub about one foot high, give or take, that produces a gel inside its think stalk-like leaves.
This is harvested by cutting open the spiky green leaves and scooping out the gloppy, clear gel.  This is purified or diluted to make purified aloe vera gel, or aloe vera juice.  (also made into capsules and softgels for medicinal purposes.)

In the summer, it is widely used as a soothing topic for major burns.  It is good as a moisturizer and added in many cremes, washes, soaps and some make-ups. Many topical uses include a rub for sore muscles, burns and blisters, wrinkle control, lubricants, cracking dry spots, aching joins, and sore feet. Gentle enough to use on sensitive facial skin.

As in ingested substance:  This has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid and stomach ache saver.  Also used as a laxative when taken in concentrated doses.  Comfortable for cushioned joints.

If you can get past the fact that their are sweet little chunks of aloe in there, its scrumteous!  Fairly inexpensive, and comes in seven lucsious flavors:

Exposed (honey)
Awaken (wheat grass)
Enrich (pomegranate, tart cherry)
Appeal (citrus)
Allure (mango, mangosteen)
Enliven (12 fruits and veggies)
Elated (olive leaf extract)

Combining healthy superfruits such as mangosteens and pomegranates, antioxidants such as honey and olive leaf, nutrition from 12 fruits and veggies, sick fighters such as citrus and olive leaf, and medicinal substances like wheat grass, tart cherry and... you guessed it... olive leaf, again.
A mellow sweet flavor with a delightful aftertaste.

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