Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Grub Hubbub- dinner rolls

Best dinner rolls
If you have a Viking Village grocery store in your town, you probably go there. And I'm talking about the deli.  Get the fresh white dinner rolls. Soft; fluffy; buttery; delectable... eat them plain and love them- eat them with sliced turkey, pickles, and mayo... fall in love.

Best whole wheat, whole grain dinner rolls
Cybros - the healthy bakery.
They are not goo-y, soggy, hard, lumpy, starchy, crumbly... anything you may think of when you would think of whole wheat.  They, too, are fluffy, buttery, but with a heartier texture and robust taste.  Just like grandma used to make 'em.  Mmm, mmmm good!

Note: Neither rolls are gluten-free

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