Friday, January 28, 2011

LIFE Links and Books

When murder ravages our country with our leaders behind its base, their is only so much we can do with words.  Let me refer you to the words of those who have been in the abortion clinics, survived abortions, know the truth about premature child murder, and have lived with the hard facts.


Books Resources:

  • A Christian Manifesto, A. Schaeffer
  • Pro life answers to to Pro choice arguments, Randy Alcorn
  • How to be a Christian in a brave new world, Joni Eareckson Tada and Nigel M. DE S. Cameron
  • The good life, Charles Colson
  • Anatomy of the soul, Curt Thompson MD
  • Dancing with Max, Emily Colson
  • Unplanned, Abby Johnson
  • Gianna, Jessica Shaver
  • Life without Limits, Vijicic

Dear Prolife Friend,

ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments was originally published in 1992 and was used extensively in prolife education and training. With the help of many others I've just finished revising, updating and expanding the book.
This revised edition is essentially a brand-new book—it's grown from 294 pages to 455 pages and approximately 300 of the nearly 800 end notes are new, from current sources, many of those in the year 2000. Every page of the original has been changed. Statistics have been updated and new charts and pictures added. Many new subjects are covered, including partial-birth abortion, fetal tissue research, and frozen embryos.
Since the first edition of the book I've received many requests for additional information from students, prolife organizations, speakers and writers. So I've added seven new appendices which cover topics such as communicating the prolife message, a Bible study for group discussion, a church's position statement on abortion and a sanctity of life message. Other topics covered include chemical abortions and the birth control pill.
I've received many reports over the years indicating God in his grace has used this book to train and equip prolifers to communicate our message. Recently I received a letter saying "After reading your book, I went through a belief change. I used to be strongly prochoice. Now, I'm strongly prolife." She then asked for a recommendation of a prolife group near her, where she could serve as a volunteer. We were happy to direct her to one of the organizations listed in the resource section.

- Randy Alcorn

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