Friday, January 14, 2011

Psychology... and guys

If a writer is anyone who writes,
and I do, in fact, write,
then I must be a writer.

But what if it isn't?  What if your not a writer until you are recognized as such?  And if that is the case, who must recognize you?  Must you be published?
(I know that isn't the case, because not all published authors can, exactly, write.)

What if you can but can't write? 
there lies my dilemma.  If I am going to write about the fiction of reality, or reality of fiction, (basically describing anything in this universe,) I have to know it; I have to understand it, I have to have a view, before I am able to do anything with that knowledge and understanding. I have to have at least some sort of view on the subject to be able to weigh it, and then be able to change it if need be, and then, somehow, present it in your book.
I don't know how guys brains work; I don't know hardly anything about them.  I can't just write books about the all-girl-land where there are no boys because Valary-Mac doesn't know how to write them! 
That's ridiculous.  Yes, I have a dad, and a brother, and I do have guy friends. (notice I say guy-friends, and not boy-friends.)  Does that automatically answer all my questions? No, it doesn't.
I am hoping to take psychology in college courses, - not so I can know about guys, not so I can sell books and make money and be semi-famous, not so I can see through people's brains - it is so I can understand more of what God has given us.  So I can be better at my job, and help more people.  And because I cannot rest until I know everything I've wondered about... and that takes a long time. 

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