Monday, January 10, 2011

Top natural moisturizers

OK, so I understand that not everybody lives where its cold and biting in the winter, but some of us do.  And for those of us who need a little extra moisture, I would dare to suggest these all-natural products.

Kiss my Face obsessivelynatural


Fragrance-free olive and aloe
Regardless of the obsessively flaky name, Kiss my Face has some great products.  When a million different "all-natural-and-best-for-your-skin" companies cry for your dollars, its very hard to choose! (can I have an amen?)  I am not a cry-wolf person. I like to use good stuff.  And not just the "good compared to Wal-mart" stuff.  I want affordable high quality.  Olive and aloe are "good stuff"!

Weleda baby

Calendula Lotion
The gentlest lotion available for anyone. From newborn diaper-rash to old and cracking skin. Easy to apply and you know the difference right away!  Makes for baby soft skin on anyone!  Safe and effective to use on sunburns, burns, and rashes.

Purple Emu

Pure refined emu oil
I could go on and on about emu oil.  It is the purified and refined sebum from the flightless emu bird of Australia.  It is one of the very closest molecular fats to our skin available.  Needless to say, it is on the top for restorative value. Just look at my list here:   It moisturizes to the highest degree; it rids the face of blemishes and acne; it miraculously cures burns, scars, wounds, and sunspots.  Need I say more?  Just so you know, I'm not saying these things because I sell this product and get some of the commission.  I'm just saying what it did for me, and am giving you the link because I think this is the least expensive brand for its quality.  Can be very expensive.

Four Elements

Nature's Acres Herbal Salve
With an Olive oil base, this salve infused with herbs, flower essences and bee's wax will fix anything.  And I mean anything. That awful rash that you can't even touch, the cracked and bleeding fingers, the tender new skin under that scab, and the spot where the sliver got pulled out.  Four Elements is a rather "new age-y" organization, which is my only concern.  Great stuff from a woman's organic garden and made by hand!

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