Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A wish list

I am content.  Overly, even. I would be content if I had half the clothes I had.  I look at magazines and catalogues and think...
"That's really cool. If I had that I would do this with it.  But I don't have it and I'm kinda glad."

This is because I am daily surrendering myself to God, using His strength to do it with His determination that He has given me.

A wish list is always something a girl has.  Whether for the shoes at Wal-mart, the science project, or the college you might be thinking about in a few years, or maybe months.

Though there is nothing I feel like I need besides the basic food I eat everyday, (and that is provided by my parents,) I think certain little somethings would be pretty awesome...

  • purple moccasins
  • unlimited teaching supplies
  • hair bands that didn't lose themselves
  • homemade kombucha
These are things, (besides the kombucha,) that I don't have... and if were given to me I would not refuse. Although I really am perfectly content without them.

What are your wishes, wish-lists, dreams, etc?

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