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Wordless Book Song (In Da 5-Day Club) 2007

This, my friends, is a little sample of whats going on during talent night at CYIA training camp with CEF.
(CYIA= christian youth in action; CEF= child evangelism fellowship. < Click there

Just a little something from 2007 that has been made a tradition every since that year.
In brief, it is funny little rap that lays out what we are learning, have learned, put into practice, and use the rest of our lives, even if not involved with the children's ministry CEF the next year.  It is a training to know what you believe in a format that is portrayable to others, mainly children.
One of these useful tactics includes the wordless book, using colors to tell the salvation story. 

Gold, Dark, Red, Clean, Green.

God as the Creator who loves us and has prepared a place for us in heaven (John 3:16a and John 14:3). But He is also holy or completely perfect, so that nothing bad can be with him and he must punish sin.  (explain sin as anything that you may think, say, or do that would displease God or make Him sad.) Then who has sinned?  We all have sinned, no one hasn't, and we were born with a sin nature. (Romans 3:23 and Romans 7:18b.)  That separates us from God, and we will be separated from Him forever.  The only thing that could take away all our sin and make us perfect enough for God would be someone dying to take our place, or our punishment; shedding His blood. (Hebrews 9:22b.)  Jesus, God's perfect son, was willing to do so because of His great love for us. (John 3:16.)  Briefly explain that Jesus was born a man on earth and never sinned, but was accused of wrong doing and died a painful death on the cross, but did not stay dead because He had defeated death, and arose to heaven where He is now.
We can have that free gift of salvation from sin and eternal punishment if we...
  1. A - admit that we are sinners
  2. B - believe what Jesus did for us 
  3. C- choose Christ as our Savior     (Romans 10:9.)
You can ask them if they would like to receive Jesus as their savior, and whatever they decide, you support them. (No dissing or discouraging, but don't agree with them that rejecting Christ for the time being is the best choice, offer them a Bible, and tell them that God is always listening for them.)
If they so choose, let them pray in their own words. Then make sure they know what decision they made by asking them: "What did Jesus just do for you?!".  (Acts 16:31a) Then show them that God has sent the Himself to be with you and always help you, (Joshua 1:5b), and that he or she will never loose their salvation - that's assurance. And that he or she can grow in their faith by...
  1. G - going to church and/or Sunday school
  2. R - reading God's word and praying
  3. O - obeying God's word, the Bible
  4. W - witnessing, or telling others about God
God will forgive their sins in the future if they confess it to Him if they are sorry. (Leviticus 5:5)
Give them a Bible, tract, and ask what church they go to, and if not, refer them to a local, Bible preaching church - with their parents permission.

Hope you enjoy the video
Its very "homemade", but it is extremely well done for 4 guys getting together and writing and performing a rap in less than a week, with lots of training classes to attend!  Believe me, I know.  ;)

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