Monday, February 28, 2011

What would you like to see?

First, my lamentations to my faithful mother and her blog-commenting predicament.  She has three accounts for following my blog, and for some unseen reason, cannot comment.  Lo! Many times has she tried for my sake and of her love, but her attempts are strictly in vain!  Alas, we will have to resort to talking to each other in person.
(tee hee, don't take that literally, we talk often.)

But for all of you who can contact... tell me what you want to see here on this blog.
Appreciating the modest models, or dying to see more short-stories?  Hoping I give up on the Grub Hubbub, or willing to suggest more Faith-based articles.
If you don't really like one of the sidebar gadgets, or if you have a brilliant ideas, (I don't come by those things naturally,) make sure to let me know!
Please be courteous in your words for all the internet to see, but I do appreciate a good blunt answer to my questions.  In other words, use common sense, but don't worry about hurting my feelings.

Also keeping in mind:
  • I will not reveil any personal information about myself. (ex. name, location, reletives, friends, state, age, parents...etc.)
  • Jesus Christ is my Savior and Identity, and I won't decrease in stating His Name as the only way to heaven, nor deny, (or sugar-coat,) any foundational Biblical doctrines.
  • Opinions are opinions.  I value your input greatly, and if you can convince me of your point, I will accept it unbegrudgingly.  But I will not be able to reply to everything in the way you want it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christian witness apparal

Second edition- "You'll never catch me wearing..."

Again!  I have some fun transformations of some maybe stereotyped clothing accessories.
Take another look at how these things can be worn to look cute and trendy.  Check out January 2010 in the archives for my first "You'll never catch me wearing..."

You'll never catch me wearing...

. . .black-rimmed glasses

. . .cheesy knit sweaters

. . .a plaid skirt

. . .retro stripes

. . .my collar up

. . .rubber boots

. . .a tunic

. . .a flouncy floral skirt

. . .leg warmers
. . .turtle necks - with bows

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 hour savings

Went shopping for 2 hours today!  How did I find time for that?  This is a stay-at-home-and-do-school day for the most part, and I prepped my school work as to take a small amount of time.  I have chores which I did upon waking, still had a leisurely, healthy breakfast, and am ready to start supper soon.  Phew!  Not all days are this organized!  All are as busy or more so.
But I am quite excited to share about what I got.

  • 5 summer capris (camo, navy, army green, black/pink, white)
  • 4 skirts (grey, 2 denim, brown stripey)
  • 3 sewing patterns for dresses
  • 2 dresses (sporty grey, purple plaid)
  • 2 modest swimming suit board shorts (black, blue)
  • 1 sweater (peach/white)
  • 1 pair shoes (cute black high heels)
  • 1 pair dress pants (tan)
  • (undies)
  • hair curling rods
I looked up the brand of one of the skirts that I got, and it cost nearly as much as I paid for all of these put together!  OK, ok, around 40 bucks, but that is for all my summer needs.  I also have plenty of tops and bottoms and such from last summer.  I do have a job, and am saving much for further education.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My latest RAW adventure

Raw diet expert Ani Phyo's
recipe book
 Just for the record, I'm not following a complete raw foods diet, (even though that would be pretty awesome,) but I am all about the raw foods benefits, and try to eat raw when I can.
I am also into Sprouting.
I have purchased about 2 pounds of organic raw almonds for the soul purpose of sprouting and grinding into raw organic sprouted almond butter!
So, just for the record, I should say that I've never before had any good-fortune with sprouting, and I may not, therefore, be an expert.  :)
But I'm going to try small batches at a time, and take it from there.  (I'm so excited!)
The reason that I am not making raw organic sprouted almond flour is that I would be adding yet another unfamiliar step to this new process by drying and then grinding the sprouted almonds, and I don't know if I'm quite ready for that yet.

Grubb Hubbub - Planting Cacao Trees

How many of you Raw Foodies out there are into Cacao?  I sure am! 
I was so bummed that Americans apparently cannot always buy food from Europe, (besides it not being very smart,) because I had found an organic, raw, fair-trade, fresh, unsweetened 75% cacao chocolate bar with organic raw hemp seeds and all for about 2 dollars a bar.  Too good to be true?  Only if you don't live in Britan.

And how many of you are into planting your own organic food?  I sure am!  Although I am in no means experienced.  :)  How much would you say it would cost to buy good chocolate and also plant a cacao tree, maintaining it, and making more chocolate out of it?  I'm guessing a substantial amount.  But you don't have to do both, because Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise plants an organic cacao tree to be used for raw organic chocolate for every pound of cacao you buy through them.
How much does it cost to buy a pound of raw organic cacao powder there?  About 12 dollars or less.  Click the link below, and go to Raw Cacao Products under Organic Raw Chocolate to see other products as well; such as cacao beans, paste, butter, and nibs.

Site link: click here

Brought to you by the...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CYIA Camp 2008

How to be an Amoeba Teacher

Crawling slowly forth, spotting a way out, making a predictable move, squeezing and forming itself grotesquely at random; moving in one single mind and force.  What is this insanity?  Become one to defeat one.  Who can master this intensely strategic and boring object?  The amoeba-minded can catch the amoeba-bodied.
You say what?! 
Yes, an Amoeba Teacher.  That's what I'm working on: How to be an amoeba teacher.  Just to go over an amoeba... it's one of the simplest organisms, and basically is consumed with moving in odd shapes, catching its microscopic prey in its gooey clutches of its capture.
Is this how I want to teach?  Actually, not really.  Please read on...

I co-teach a Good News Club at an elementary school in my home-town.  Also called an After-school Bible Club.  (GNC and ABC; Bible clubs through CEF ministries.
 My teaching partner and I have a unique group of children there.
I know what you may be thinking, but I've never really thought of what bacteria fit them most, nor really what word described them.  After all, they are a diverse group of stark individuals... believe me!  But after an "interesting" day of transferring between rooms half-way through class; answering bizarre questions (you can only imagine); and taking multiple sick children to parents homes, Kid's-Stop, and Basketball practice, my teaching partner and I sit breathless in her car after we've packed up our flannel-board and teaching materials. 

"Wow!" She ventured.
"Yup." I said

 We prayed on the way to my house, where she drops me off after our weekly teaching excursions, and thought a lot about how things were going, how they had gone, how they could go, and what to do; what we had done, what we did do, what we could do, and then what would be the best.

My friend's conclusion?
"Our class is like an amoeba.  It's just like trying to teach an amoeba."

In some respects she is very right, and, may I add, observant and creative. 

For example:

"Get on board, Noah.  Forget the other amoeba."

We are singing the "trinity song", and before-hand have reminded the kids that singing loudly and clearly counts as "points".  When one child perceives that another is not completely obeying me because they are not singing as loudly and clearly as they perceive right, the little hand comes up.
You can guess that some of the group will side with soft-singing Sally, and some with righteous Randy.  Along with the stragglers who just want to get to the exciting story.  Sides and a middle form with tendons left and right.   When outside force steps in (aka: teacher, also known as "me"), the group rises as one in one respect that they don't want to sing the second verse.  Things are moving now. 

And again - Example II:
 We are sitting on the floor learning the Bible verse.  One youngster sees the large teachers swivel chair, and gravitates towards it.  The others, throwing aside their differences and all in like mind, gravitate toward it too.
You can imagine how "organized" games are!

Our 2 hours with these kids is a corral game.  Keep the horses inside the fence!  That takes some stretching.
So in that respect, being an amoeba would be very handy. 
Have I mentioned that the kids like to play that game with us too?  Oh yes!  We create our bubble, they pop it!  They get in our face, they grab on our legs when we walk; and yes, we get interrupted.  Teaching isn't a relaxing sport.  So I'm glad we are doing it for God, and not our own benefit, because we wouldn't keep it up if not.  I seriously love teaching!  And I don't credit that to myself.

Benefits of being the amoeba teacher:
  • Multi-tasking!  Ever see an amoeba split in half and take on a whole new life?  Not unless you are a scientist, or are just really up on YouTube, but that is actually common for the amoeba, although the amoeba doesn't have many tasks to do. 
  • Flexible!  Go watch an amoeba - its pretty boring actually.  Theya are versatile mass of... gel.  They can be pushed and pulled and squished.  They deal coolly with anything that comes their way.
  • Non-threatening!  You don't exactly want to scare the children you are wanting to tell about Christ (some of those Bible stories are "R" rated!).  And I would have to say that the amoeba isn't exactly created in the spittin' image of a fire-breathing dragon or a jagged-toothed croc, would you?
  • Mold-able!  As a teacher, while you are in charge of your pupils, you also want to be sensitive to them; to be attentive to them, and ready to help, encourage, and correct them whenever necessary.  But most of all, and far above anything done on this little earth, I want to be mold-able to the Holy Spirit.  I don't want to stretch to avoid Him, but embrace Him and let Him shape me into what He sees best.
You see, it really isn't all that bad!  And I got to place cheesy exclamation points by all of the amoeba teacher qualities. 
Everything that God has made He has made to teach us.  And everything hard that He tells us to do, always makes for the best ending!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stuff I like - Eco Lips

Eco Lip's eco tints

VM says - Great alternative to generic paraben-laden lip glosses and lip moisturizers.  Two-in-one, and a great lip look.

Naturally Glistening Lip Moisturizer Tints:
  • Rose Quarts (pink)
  • Sugar Plum (light)
  • Moonstone (glistening light pink)
  • Mocha Velvet (darker)
  • Coralyte (reddish)

Ingredients for Moonstone lip tint:
*Sunflower seed oil, *Beeswax, *Caster seed oil, *Coconut oil, *Vanilla planifolia fruit, *Aloe vera leaf extract, Candelilla wax, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica.

*=certified organic

Best price:
Other reviews:
Official site:

pros:  *90% certified organic  *all-natural  *mineral tinted  *highly affective  *talc-free  *no animal testing
cons:  *I don't see any *contains nut-oils (sunflower oil, but shouldn't be a problem at all!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exciting homemade raw spread!

I'm so excited!  I love eating raw, and this is a way to get my hemp seeds in.  Real, plain hemp is very... well... "green" tasting.  I could do it, but I prefer this recipe.  Plus I'm getting some other great, raw nutrients in with the honey and almonds.

Hempini raw hemp butter
Mara Natha raw organic almond butter
Really Raw honey

Mix all to your taste.  I usually do 2/3 hemp butter, and 1/3 nut butter.  Then add a tablespoon or two of your raw honey. Mix well!  It will probably be thick.
You may use any nut-butter, or any brand, but these look good to me. 
If you are not used to even eating all that healthy, you probably wont like this, but it is a very, very exciting discovery that I am excited to keep eating on my gluten-free flax bread.  Am I just weird? Or am I weird?  Do I get any other options to choose from?  Nah, I like it this way.  ;)

I'll be adding something about hemp later!


Being the health freak I am, I was looking for the best deal on raw, organic coconut cream when I stumbled onto this sight: . 
I was looking through the archives and saw a page entitled: "Peace with God".  Hmmm... there are some odd "peace terms" this world comes up with for the God they can't hide from, and needless to say (although I still will) all but one are phony. 
(The only one that isn't phony is the one that God Himself dictated for us in His errorless Word, the Bible.)  I figured that since I knew the truth, I would look to see what this "peace with God" was all about.  Sorta like proof reading it... sorta.  I was very pleased to find an impactful true story of a young man's life.  But the best thing is not how tear-jerking the dear little message was, but what comes of it.  What came of it for this fine fellow?  Biblical salvation!  I would highly recommend checking this out.  And maybe you'll just find a little extra bonus on raw, organic coconut cream. ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

VM Styles It - color scemes

So... your wanting to color.  This is the base for almost anything.  So... you need a scheme.

Color all depends on you.  No, I'll word that differently.  The colors you use to express you have to be chosen by you.  Now before I start with what you may like according to personality, age, purpose, room, and function, I'll go over how to get a color scheme that is guarantied to look semi OK.

Starting with a kindergarten tool:  THE COLOR WHEEL!

Now, you may be thinking that these are colors you would never, ever use in your house, but as you may not paint your house blue, yellow, and red, all other colors start with these!
All individual colors, all shades, all themes, all hues and color emotions stem from those three.

Listen closely: 
The color directly across from the one you choose on the color wheel is that colors alley - his partner in crime. 
Choose the orange-red on this wheel - your best bet is the blue-green.  OR the shades right next to it.  In this case, the colors right next to the orange-red would be the red, and the orange.

No matter what your style, these are good basic principles.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Picks of the Month- February

Remember!  You can have a say in the next PICKS OF THE MONTH!  Comment below if you have a Favorite post, sidebar gadget, or blog-page.

  • This Months Preposition (written by me)
  • Click: Read More (bottom of page, CEF children's ministries)
  • A Challenge for Purity (video)
  • Orac... the Anti-blah Stuff (health informant)
  • Books I Love (Sidebar)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dancing With Max - Emily Colson

My big black bag

Pickles, G minor, flip-flops, and stethoscopes. 
Everything needs a spot. 
And there is always something that has a use all its own.  Taxonomy has nothing on the 80's hair styles.  That's only good for scaring hair-spray companies; so I suppose that would be group with 
wigs, baseball hats, and... homeschoolers.
How many of you ladies have a specific spot for cosmetics, moisturizers, facial soaps, and the such?  How many of you ladies find that every once in a while - usually after Christmas and pay day - there seems to be an urgent need for a bigger bag, box, or drawer? 
(Just for the record, I don't spend hardly anything on cosmetics and fancy hair things.) 
But it happens, doesn't it?  You obviously need different prioritizing in the refrigerator after buying two dozen jars of horseradish because they were 50 cents at Aldi's. 
Eventually the hair-scrunchies-and-flowered-bandannas drawer yields its content to such things as chic black scarves and lip gloss.  What if it needs to be transported?  Then you have another factor, and the stash of chocolate is emptied into your wallets secret compartment... right?

I've opted for all my make-up to be measured, weighed, and then positioned into my custom sewed, organic cotton cosmetics bag as to distribute itself in an orderly fashion.   No, just kidding.  I keep my cosmetics in my...

Big Black Doctors Bag.
Sometimes I call in my triple-B: Big Black Bag
It works!  And it puts me in a serious mood when I stately march from the women's barracks with toweled head and painted toes with my trusty big black bag in hand.

It cures all; it fixes the most hoary head; banishing woes into a sea of mascara.
The palest cheeks find life; the reddest eyes find a cool breath when smothered in concealer and liner.

I actually find it kinda sad that we find such a quick (or sometimes it takes hours) fix that leaves us confident and acceptable by... well... mostly ourselves
May I introduce to you something that, honestly takes away all our beauty, goes to our heart, our mind. It peels away our layers - yes, even the lovely tan that promised itself to be lasting and deep.  It looks at our bones.  No, not baby soft skin and toned muscles.  Not even your healthy blood stream that you have improved with excises and supplements. 
Our bones. 
What hold us up and motivates us.  What tells the bones what to do? 
The brain. 
What is the fuel of the brain, where its ideas and meaning comes  from? 
The heart.
No fix can reach these intimately.  They may grab to the hide and tear a little.  Maybe even get down to the impacting reality of the real you, but what we need is something Living and Active.  Something our sinful and demented selves don't necessarily want.  Arnt you glad that we cannot always control ourselves?  With the way my heart-brain is working sometimes, I'm so glad that I don't know everything and am not in control.  Let me introduce you to that something society has discredited, discriminated, and disregarded.  The BIBLE. 

The Big Black Doctor's Book.
Now that's quite a different triple-B: Big Black Book.
Now that you have that whatever-it-might-be preassumption in your head, let me introduce to you the Author of this controversial classic:  The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Kinda hard to ignore HIM, isn't it?  Not to most of us. (Unfortunately) All we seem to have to do is ignore even thinking of how we compare to Him.
But we are so pretty
when all done up. 
And are so perfect
when putting on our
Christian show!

Fortunately, that's not how it works.  What if, every time you did something wrong, you would have to stand before GOD's throne in heaven and coolly say "NO"?

That is what we do!  All we have to do is deceive ourselves. Then we need not have to necessarily feel great or justified, but simply OK.  We don't have to feel like we are great people, as long as we don't feel too bad.  Or maybe we are laden with guilt and self-hate, but have no muscle attached to our aching bones to change.

Look at this BOOK! 
Hebrews 4:12 - "For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."

That is sooo much stronger than leg-hair removal creme.  Isn't that what we don't want?  Isn't that what we really need?  As Americans, we don't like judges.  As Humans, we don't like judges.  We don't even know what it means for someone or something to accurately and rightly judge the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts!  Not even Santa can do that!

What we need is a spot for this info.  A convenient little box, right?  No, we need a priority.  That always comes with organization.
When we spend more time, money, and thought on today's fashions rather than 10 years ago, our closet squishes the tie-die t-shirts over to the corner.  Providing more ample room for our skinny jeans (maybe) and button-ups.
Where does the BIBLE go? 
Where does that uncomfortable feeling that brings results from knowing Jesus go? 

That goes right in there.
Your Heart.
Your Mind.
Your Strength.

It does stuff.  It does a lot of stuff.  More than cosmetic surgery ever could do.  Even lipid cell extraction.  And it stays.  No matter what.  And that is the uncomfortable, uncontainable, scratchy, itchy, wonderful, sharable, need-to-know-able
I find that my big black bag cannot compare.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My soup post

So I love soup... stews, broths, stocks, veggies, you name it!
I am going to be making, and have made, quite a few batches of soup this winter.  And believe me, they will all be from scratch, and I will not follow recipes.  Since soup is such a great comfort food, and can get a lot of garlic and veggies in to you when you need it, I'll try and get them on here.  They will also be on my actual food blog- .  Hope you enjoy!

  • 1 liter of water or broth
  • 2 cups split peas or lentils, soaked overnight
  • 1 cup baby carrots, whole
  • 1 onion, chopped coarsely
  • 5 green onions
  • 6 cloves garlic, pealed, halved
  • 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning mix
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Heat water, (or broth or stock,) in large stainless steel pan with split peas or lentils and carrots until boiling.
Chop onions large, as in the picture to the left. Cut green onions and garlic into fairly large pieces, and add to the pot. (keeping covered.)  Add seasonings, and let simmer for an hour or so.
When done, add olive oil, and stir in. Serve hot, and add salt and pepper as needed.   May add different veggies and meat, such as chicken or turkey.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Books every girl should read

No matter what your book genre, these books are the best!  I would highly recommend these books to all girls.  All clean, good reading, recommended by Christian scholars, interesting, beneficial, by esteemed Christian authors, and worth their weight in gold.

  • Before you meet Prince Charming - Sara Mally - for ages 10 +
  • For young women only - Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice - ages 16 to25
  • Lies young women believe... - Danna Gresh and Nanci Lee DeMos - ages 15 to20 
  • Unplanned - Abby Johnson - ages 16 +
  • I kissed dating goodbye - Joshua Harris - ages 14 +
  • Crazy love - Francis Chan - ages 15 +  *
  • Do hard things - Harris Brothers - ages 15 to30 +
  • Escaping the Vampire -  Kimberly Powers - ages 16 to30 +
  • Every Young Women's Battle - Shannon Ethridgde and Stephan Arterburn - ages 15 to25
  • and... first and foremost... obviously... the BIBLE, God's holy Word
*  Harris also wrote "Boy meets girl", another great book on dating and purity.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Dress Fantasies

No, I'm 16, and not getting married for quite a long time, but what girl doesnt like to dream about her wedding gown and brides-maid dresses someday?

The wedding party in baby blue

Yes, thats actually what I look like in the wedding dress, but not that thin.

You'd never catch me wearing...

Have your ever heard- "the last thing I would wear to save my life would be..."  Or, "You wouldn't catch me dead in that!"
I always say, "Wear what you like!" But, well, maybe some of your fears or disgusts are founded in your opinion of "High heels are tacky and uncomfortable and will never, ever be anything else."  The 'They'll never be anythings else but this way' mentality may change when you see some of these styles in a new way.

You'll never catch me in...

 ...a button-up shirt


...lace and ruffles

...a shawl


...a 50s dress

...a bow in my hair/  hair-net

...straight-across bangs

This Month's preposition

The month of LOVE
it gets a lot of attention, doesnt it?

We think about that special someone, pass out cards in class, get sick on chocolate, weep over singleness, go gaga... blah blah blah.  Wonderful, isnt it?!

I have a different preposition... a petition... a plead.

What if February held something different?  What is Valentines Day anyways? What did it used to be?
Oh, yeah.  Legend has it that an old saint was sentanced to death in Rome.  He was visited by a blind girl, who was very kind to him, and when he died, a rose supposadly made her see again... or something.  This can have a lot of lessons in and of itself... but lets look at the facts.  You should know by now I like those.  :)

  • The fact is... Christians were being persecuted... very badly. 
  • The fact is... the Romans celebrated a lewd love holiday on the 15th of February. 
  • The fact is... the Christian church did not participate in this tribute to the Roman gods Athena, Pan, and Jupider's son Cupid.
  • The fact is... back in 498 AD-ish (not possotively sure) the Roman Catholic Church ordained a reverse holiday to remember the millions who died for the Faith... mainly "St." Valentine.
  • The reality today is... Christians are still mass-persecuted... very badly.
  • The reality today is... the world is still openly celebrating  the sinful nature.
  • The reality today is... Christians are still called to be separate from the world's practices.  To have no part in sin, and shine as a light for Christ in a dark world.
  • The reality today is... most everybody celebrates Valentines day on Feb. 15, but most have lost sight of its real meaning.
WHAT AM I PROPOSING?: (no pun intended <3 )

I propose that we take time to remember and pray for the persecuted church.
I propose that we gather together as One in Christ's blood and take time to renew ourselves as God's.  To step out of our sinfulness, and be separate.  To reach out with God's love that first loved us when we were yet sinners. That we would pass out tracks instead of cute little cards.  Take some time and pray!

I challange you. Make February a time to step out and LOVE with God's love, and pray for the persecuted church, your own brothers and sisters, bonded to you by Christ's redeeming blood.  Take on willingly His perfection and cast aside what is hindering you from saying "I DO, and I always will" to Him.

What do I, personally, perscribe for you to do?  Take action...  email this site to your friends, your pastors, your church leaders, your church youth leaders, your authorities, your peers.  Ask them to gather with you at your house, yard, or church to pray together for the plight of the world, and those who pay with their lives to follow Christ with everything.

Love you bloggees
- Valary-Mac
  • Colossians 4:18
  • Hebrews 13:3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's My King!


A new site for wallpapers and backgrounds for your desktop to cellphone.  Link is at the bottom.  Check it out!  Don't be afraid to "right click and save as...", or make as your desktop witness right now.  Share the good-news with others, and be encouraged every time you go online!

Isaiah 12:16

Young example

Tell somebody!

1 John 4:5