Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 hour savings

Went shopping for 2 hours today!  How did I find time for that?  This is a stay-at-home-and-do-school day for the most part, and I prepped my school work as to take a small amount of time.  I have chores which I did upon waking, still had a leisurely, healthy breakfast, and am ready to start supper soon.  Phew!  Not all days are this organized!  All are as busy or more so.
But I am quite excited to share about what I got.

  • 5 summer capris (camo, navy, army green, black/pink, white)
  • 4 skirts (grey, 2 denim, brown stripey)
  • 3 sewing patterns for dresses
  • 2 dresses (sporty grey, purple plaid)
  • 2 modest swimming suit board shorts (black, blue)
  • 1 sweater (peach/white)
  • 1 pair shoes (cute black high heels)
  • 1 pair dress pants (tan)
  • (undies)
  • hair curling rods
I looked up the brand of one of the skirts that I got, and it cost nearly as much as I paid for all of these put together!  OK, ok, around 40 bucks, but that is for all my summer needs.  I also have plenty of tops and bottoms and such from last summer.  I do have a job, and am saving much for further education.

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