Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exciting homemade raw spread!

I'm so excited!  I love eating raw, and this is a way to get my hemp seeds in.  Real, plain hemp is very... well... "green" tasting.  I could do it, but I prefer this recipe.  Plus I'm getting some other great, raw nutrients in with the honey and almonds.

Hempini raw hemp butter
Mara Natha raw organic almond butter
Really Raw honey

Mix all to your taste.  I usually do 2/3 hemp butter, and 1/3 nut butter.  Then add a tablespoon or two of your raw honey. Mix well!  It will probably be thick.
You may use any nut-butter, or any brand, but these look good to me. 
If you are not used to even eating all that healthy, you probably wont like this, but it is a very, very exciting discovery that I am excited to keep eating on my gluten-free flax bread.  Am I just weird? Or am I weird?  Do I get any other options to choose from?  Nah, I like it this way.  ;)

I'll be adding something about hemp later!

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