Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grubb Hubbub - Planting Cacao Trees

How many of you Raw Foodies out there are into Cacao?  I sure am! 
I was so bummed that Americans apparently cannot always buy food from Europe, (besides it not being very smart,) because I had found an organic, raw, fair-trade, fresh, unsweetened 75% cacao chocolate bar with organic raw hemp seeds and all for about 2 dollars a bar.  Too good to be true?  Only if you don't live in Britan.

And how many of you are into planting your own organic food?  I sure am!  Although I am in no means experienced.  :)  How much would you say it would cost to buy good chocolate and also plant a cacao tree, maintaining it, and making more chocolate out of it?  I'm guessing a substantial amount.  But you don't have to do both, because Green Lifestyles on Planet Paradise plants an organic cacao tree to be used for raw organic chocolate for every pound of cacao you buy through them.
How much does it cost to buy a pound of raw organic cacao powder there?  About 12 dollars or less.  Click the link below, and go to Raw Cacao Products under Organic Raw Chocolate to see other products as well; such as cacao beans, paste, butter, and nibs.

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