Thursday, February 17, 2011


Being the health freak I am, I was looking for the best deal on raw, organic coconut cream when I stumbled onto this sight: . 
I was looking through the archives and saw a page entitled: "Peace with God".  Hmmm... there are some odd "peace terms" this world comes up with for the God they can't hide from, and needless to say (although I still will) all but one are phony. 
(The only one that isn't phony is the one that God Himself dictated for us in His errorless Word, the Bible.)  I figured that since I knew the truth, I would look to see what this "peace with God" was all about.  Sorta like proof reading it... sorta.  I was very pleased to find an impactful true story of a young man's life.  But the best thing is not how tear-jerking the dear little message was, but what comes of it.  What came of it for this fine fellow?  Biblical salvation!  I would highly recommend checking this out.  And maybe you'll just find a little extra bonus on raw, organic coconut cream. ;)

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