Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Month's preposition

The month of LOVE
it gets a lot of attention, doesnt it?

We think about that special someone, pass out cards in class, get sick on chocolate, weep over singleness, go gaga... blah blah blah.  Wonderful, isnt it?!

I have a different preposition... a petition... a plead.

What if February held something different?  What is Valentines Day anyways? What did it used to be?
Oh, yeah.  Legend has it that an old saint was sentanced to death in Rome.  He was visited by a blind girl, who was very kind to him, and when he died, a rose supposadly made her see again... or something.  This can have a lot of lessons in and of itself... but lets look at the facts.  You should know by now I like those.  :)

  • The fact is... Christians were being persecuted... very badly. 
  • The fact is... the Romans celebrated a lewd love holiday on the 15th of February. 
  • The fact is... the Christian church did not participate in this tribute to the Roman gods Athena, Pan, and Jupider's son Cupid.
  • The fact is... back in 498 AD-ish (not possotively sure) the Roman Catholic Church ordained a reverse holiday to remember the millions who died for the Faith... mainly "St." Valentine.
  • The reality today is... Christians are still mass-persecuted... very badly.
  • The reality today is... the world is still openly celebrating  the sinful nature.
  • The reality today is... Christians are still called to be separate from the world's practices.  To have no part in sin, and shine as a light for Christ in a dark world.
  • The reality today is... most everybody celebrates Valentines day on Feb. 15, but most have lost sight of its real meaning.
WHAT AM I PROPOSING?: (no pun intended <3 )

I propose that we take time to remember and pray for the persecuted church.
I propose that we gather together as One in Christ's blood and take time to renew ourselves as God's.  To step out of our sinfulness, and be separate.  To reach out with God's love that first loved us when we were yet sinners. That we would pass out tracks instead of cute little cards.  Take some time and pray!

I challange you. Make February a time to step out and LOVE with God's love, and pray for the persecuted church, your own brothers and sisters, bonded to you by Christ's redeeming blood.  Take on willingly His perfection and cast aside what is hindering you from saying "I DO, and I always will" to Him.

What do I, personally, perscribe for you to do?  Take action...  email this site to your friends, your pastors, your church leaders, your church youth leaders, your authorities, your peers.  Ask them to gather with you at your house, yard, or church to pray together for the plight of the world, and those who pay with their lives to follow Christ with everything.

Love you bloggees
- Valary-Mac
  • Colossians 4:18
  • Hebrews 13:3

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