Monday, February 14, 2011

VM Styles It - color scemes

So... your wanting to color.  This is the base for almost anything.  So... you need a scheme.

Color all depends on you.  No, I'll word that differently.  The colors you use to express you have to be chosen by you.  Now before I start with what you may like according to personality, age, purpose, room, and function, I'll go over how to get a color scheme that is guarantied to look semi OK.

Starting with a kindergarten tool:  THE COLOR WHEEL!

Now, you may be thinking that these are colors you would never, ever use in your house, but as you may not paint your house blue, yellow, and red, all other colors start with these!
All individual colors, all shades, all themes, all hues and color emotions stem from those three.

Listen closely: 
The color directly across from the one you choose on the color wheel is that colors alley - his partner in crime. 
Choose the orange-red on this wheel - your best bet is the blue-green.  OR the shades right next to it.  In this case, the colors right next to the orange-red would be the red, and the orange.

No matter what your style, these are good basic principles.

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