Monday, February 28, 2011

What would you like to see?

First, my lamentations to my faithful mother and her blog-commenting predicament.  She has three accounts for following my blog, and for some unseen reason, cannot comment.  Lo! Many times has she tried for my sake and of her love, but her attempts are strictly in vain!  Alas, we will have to resort to talking to each other in person.
(tee hee, don't take that literally, we talk often.)

But for all of you who can contact... tell me what you want to see here on this blog.
Appreciating the modest models, or dying to see more short-stories?  Hoping I give up on the Grub Hubbub, or willing to suggest more Faith-based articles.
If you don't really like one of the sidebar gadgets, or if you have a brilliant ideas, (I don't come by those things naturally,) make sure to let me know!
Please be courteous in your words for all the internet to see, but I do appreciate a good blunt answer to my questions.  In other words, use common sense, but don't worry about hurting my feelings.

Also keeping in mind:
  • I will not reveil any personal information about myself. (ex. name, location, reletives, friends, state, age, parents...etc.)
  • Jesus Christ is my Savior and Identity, and I won't decrease in stating His Name as the only way to heaven, nor deny, (or sugar-coat,) any foundational Biblical doctrines.
  • Opinions are opinions.  I value your input greatly, and if you can convince me of your point, I will accept it unbegrudgingly.  But I will not be able to reply to everything in the way you want it.

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