Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 little piggies - and other strategies

This little piggy went to market;
This little piggy stayed home;
This little piggy ate roast beef;
This little piggy ate none.
But this little piggy went
"Wee, wee, wee!"
All the way home!

Familiar with this?

Its the little rhyme mommy did with our toes. Biggest toe is the piggy who went to market, the next is the piggy who stayed home... and so forth.  The littlest toe is the fun one... the one every child holds his or her breath for, waiting with rapt attention on the fingers on their toe, anticipating their tense posture to be broken any second by a tickling wee, wee, wee that only mommy can do.
Its hard to do This Little Piggy on more than one foot.  Even harder when those two feet belong to two different children... especially when those two children are not used to playing quietly and peacefully together.  But then, when a third joins the group, beware babysitter!  You are playing with matches. (Although I don't advise setting your client's "piggies" on fire, although it would take care of the problem of too many happy children wanting a "3 little piggy".)  This is when your long-practiced and brilliant-minded tactics come in.  Observe each child, look at their strong and week points, their pet peeves, or simply put, whether or not they mind if their toes are pinched every single time.  Some would not stand for the audacity of skipping the little piggy who ate roast beef, while others are only going for that last little piggy, when Valary-Mac pauses for effect, gives a little wink and that devilish smile, and tickles them up to their chin with a cry of "wee, wee, wee!".  But a whim that just must be burned out is the plee for "little piggies" on both their feet and their hands.  Hard to believe that a two year old can know that his fingers are the same number as his toes - 5... I didn't even know that!  But I do after tonight, believe me. ;)

What do you find your baby-sat kids like best?  A certain book, craft, or game?  Maybe just something that makes them laugh.

"Valary, guess who I am!"
"Hmm... a Venus fly trap?"
"Well then, a bottle of nail polish?"
"No, silly!"
"I know!  Your Mr. Man!"
"Um... no."
"Oh, I know now, your a shoe box."
"I'm a puppy!"
"A puppy?  I never would have guessed!  Are you a purple puppy?"
"No! Puppies aren't purple!"
... etc.

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