Saturday, March 5, 2011

Advantages of being short

You may have never seen me, but now you will know at least one thing about my physical stature.  So if you suffer from the same disease of chronic shortness, take a look at the bright side!  I bet you never considered these.
  • Playing dodge ball, when someone may aim for your feet, they hit your head.  The advantage to that?  Your not out, keep playing.
  • If your like me, you are wider than you are tall, and that means that you don't fall over easily. You don't need another reason to be embarrassed
  • You are much lower than "normal" people's noses, so you don't have to shower as often - they won't notice! A major time saver, I'm sure you would agree.
  • You can wear t-shirts as dresses, and shorts as pants.
  • And finally... who doesn't like to get patted on the head?  Its a sign of brotherly endearment. . . as long as you aren't planning on getting married.

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