Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caught in the clutches of... love? Follow up

Joshua Harris and his wife

So... great... Courting sounds nice.  Do I know of anyone in the whole universe who has done it?

Maybe not yet, but you will.  Just two of them are:
  1. Joshua Harris
  2. Josh Duggar
You may know Joshua Harris as the author of books "I kissed dating goodbye", "Boy meets girl", "Sex is not the problem, lust is", and his most recent "Dug down deep".  His younger twin brothers have also written a book entitled, "The rebolution - a rebellion against low expectations".

Dugger wedding
 You may know Josh Duggar (and I think it is funnily ironic that both of their names are Josh) as the eldest of 20 children in the Duggar family.

Shortly after Joshua Harris dumped dating and had written his first book on relationships, he met, courted, and married his long-time wife Shannon.  Now a father and pastor at Covenant Life Church. (There has been a nasty rumor that Josh and Shannon had divorced, but that, simply, is a nasty rumor.)

Josh Duggar and his fiance Anna purposed that their first kiss be on their wedding, and saved all physical affection to the maxim of holding hands before their big day.  They are now the proud parents of two children, making their the the Duggar seniors parents to 20 and grandparents to two, and the Keller's parents to 8 and grandparents to 2.

Some links that may prove helpful:

  • I kissed dating goodbye - Joshua Harris
  • Sex is not the problem (lust is) - ''
  • Boy meets girl - ''
  • 20 and counting - JimBob and Michelle Duggar
  • Of knights and fair maidens - Jeff and Danielle Myers
  • Emotional Purity - Heather Arnel Paulson
  • Passion and Purity - Elizabeth Elliot
  • Holding hands; holding hearts - Richard D Phillips and Sharon L Phillips
  • Doing things right in the matter of the heart - John Ensor
For Parents:
  • What he must be if he wants to marry my daughter - Voddie Baucham Jr.
  • Her hand in marriage - Douglas Wilson
  • How to evaluate a suitor - Doug Phillips

For Her:
  • And the bride wore white - Dannah Gresh
  • Before you meet prince charming - Sarah Mally
  • Joyfully at home - Jasmine Baucham
  • Preparing to be a help meet - Debi Pearl
  • Let me be a woman - Elizabeth Elliot
  • The princess and the kiss - Jennie Bishop (for young girls)

For Him:
  • Battlefield of the mind for teens - Joyce Meyer
  • Every young man's battle - Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker

Grace and Truth resources:

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