Sunday, March 27, 2011

Caution - Blind Sinner Ahead

Our pastor talked a little bit about preparing ourselves for the holy week coming up next month.  He talked about Judas, who betrayed Jesus, and how easy it is for us to say, "Look at that bad sinner, I would never do that!"  Ah, but you see, the reason God allowed Judas to hand Jesus over to be killed was so that He could justify us, all betrayers of God just as Judas, so that we might not try and get to heaven on our own, and so fail miserably, but for Himself to take our place in the inevitable wrath of God against sin.   "Have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to identify sin in others lives?" He continued.  "Sometimes, us church-goers are known for that finger pointing, yet we seem to blindly stumble about in our own wretchedness."  (That was a bit Valary-Mac paraphrased, but in essence it catches what he was saying.)
For me, personally, I find that when I seem to hurt people the most, I don't even know I am doing it.  I may even be basking in my own righteousness - unintentionally of course, but completely oblivious to what I have just done.  As horrible as it sounds... and is... I know that this happens sometimes, so I ask God to open my eyes to see when I do so.  When He does so, I am shocked at the multitude and magnitude of my sinful self that I though was virtually nonexistent in that particular area.  I end up thinking "I am so blind".  But we all are.  We are all blind sinners!  So don't just honk your horn when you see me mess up... once again, (although you have my full-fledged permission to do that to me also,) but get out of that vehicle of self-holiness, or perhaps guilt, that you are not only driving, but hauling, and help your brother out.  Whadya'know, he may just have a few tips for you also.  Hey, we are all in the same boat, bro.  Some of us have been saved, and some of us have not been.  As to those, including me sometimes, who tend to point fingers at the "ungodly sinners", I would say stop! I'm talking to myself too, ya know.  God is increasingly deriving me from that ugly tendency.  But I can't help looking at who I really am without Christ... an obscure wrong-doer... in my own view only.  But not now... because God has made me see, and now I can not only recognize my sin, but put it to death on the cross with Him, banishing it from my life.   So, in case you happen to see me make a no-no, or know that I'm coming up in the times ahead- Please Caution, there is a blind sinner ahead!
Judas, in his blindness, traded Jesus for 30 shekels of silver, a slaves price. 
Peter, Jesus' devoted disciple, denied even knowing him, thus betraying him as a friend. 
Both responded in different ways. 
Judas was driving in his own vehicle, and not only hauling his guilt on his own shoulders the very night Christ would take it from him, but was relying on his own load of "self-righteousness".  And he didn't drive it, it drove him... to his death.
Peter took his blindness as a sign that he needed light, and lead many people to that light in the life he lived after he accepted Jesus as His Light.
Caution... but don't be afraid... be prepared to be given sight.

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