Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A character in need

I am part of a drama team, and this year for our summer performance, we have put together several scrips and such - four of which I am in.  I'm sure I can memorize and act, but thats not what I'm thinking about: some of those skits I'm in are back to back, I just may go from an insane villan who is apt to snapping her fingers and tapping her knees when coming up with an extra evil plot, to a tract-passing evangelistic who gets all her Bible-verses mixed up with song-lyrics and quotes by the Beetles.
These are the characters I'm assigned.
  • Critical, black-and-white doctrinal hypocrite.
  • Insane, Suicidal-Solutions type firebug.
  • Rejected.
  • Confused and looking for something, normal-person.
You see, I can definately get into a character, almost become it, but four of them in the span of an hour or two?  Yikes.  I may just devolope Multiple Personality Syndrome... well... no, probably not.  I'll just deal with it.  I'm thinking of wearing just black and white (and no jeans! ;) for my doctrine-self, all black and plenty of eye-makeup for the firebug-self, regular clothes, or a big sweatshirt for my rejected-self, and probably just normal clothes for my normal-person-self.

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