Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cultural Idol Worship - we are surrounded

Very Insightful I must say. the Skit Guys outdid themselves this time.
I don't always care for the Skit Guy's humor, but I believe they are doing it as evangelism for the glory of God.  Who am I to say "yuck"?

So lets talk about it.
Does this mean we must stop watching sports?  I don't think that was all their point.  If sports are your idol, limit it, or consider cutting it out with God's help - Whatever He wants you to do to whatever extreme, because HE did more than the extreme to give His love to you.
What needs to happen to these idols? Are sports the only Idols? No. They can be anything - on TV, Internet, computer, cellphone, ipod/MP3, or in nature, relationships, people, animals, sicknesses, emotions, money, possessions, missions, books, magazines, friends, good-works, drugs, work, sleep, time, food...etc - that is getting the way of your relationship with God, or taking up the first-place love that was meant for HIM.

Why aren't we this passionate about God, our passionate, loving Savior and Father?  Way back, when the laws of the heart of God were written by His own Hands in stone for His people, the very first two directly dealt with putting God first; although all of them "directly" relate to Him. (I am refering to the 10 Commandments)
When I am in tune with the Holy Spirit, (meaning that I'm putting everything aside in order to commune with Him in purity,) I am filled with an unconditional joy and passion that exceeds all else. I may be young, but I know my God! And I hope you do too!!!

Idol Worship? Are you serious?
Idol Worship is real and not only exists in our lives, but is our first love and consumes us if we do not continuously give ourselves back to God.  An Idol is anything that takes the place of God in our minds and hearts. What is your idol?  Is it overspending, food, pornography, health and fitness, anger, or furthering your own beauty?

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