Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY and improvisation

Being a bit funky, and the DYI-type-of-person that I am, I tend to get things at garage sales, thrift shops, make them myself, or totally remodel beyond recognition.  You can also bet that if I find a pillow that I like at my St. Vinny's, I probably wont be ever finding one like it.  That's where not only DYI [Do It Yourself] comes in, but improvisation!
Just a few scenarios:

When Super chic[k]'s CD looks a bit... well... dark for your tastes, just cut out their heads and arms.  Be creative!  I used plain 'ol note book paper as the base, and used only multi-colored highlighters besides pen and pencil.

Glue their heads on first, one at a time where you want them,
and draw in the bodies, adding arms, and anything else you
want to use from the previous cover. Then decorate like a
wild thing. Choose all sorts of backrounds, and decide
whether you want some color in there.

Up closer

When you can't find your teaching visuals for the ABC club [After-school Bible Club], and you need to do something.  Go for the clip art!  Our supported missionary is in Haite, so every week, I teach a little about that country.





Main-teaching card

Then for my crazy bedroom set:

The polka-dotted sham came with my bed blanket, the green
one with my sheet set, and the horrid little cute bug I colored
and designed myself.  To tell you the truth, I find the thought
of laying my head down on a gient beetle a bit exhilarating.

When hanging my tissue paper pom poms, I ran out of pink
ribbon, and used a wide, yellow, polka dotted ribbon.

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