Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm lovin' it

I love health!  Who wouldn't?  But I don't just love the benefits of health, I love the process. 

I love trying new and gross-looking foods that have been fermented by scobi mushrooms; I love reading about livers, sea-veggies, and soured milk; I love the burn of a new workout; I love nibbling at 75% cacao organic chocolates; I love eating raw foods that the media would ensue disgusting and toxic;  I love discovering a great deal on bulk hemp seeds from a fair-trade site; I love watching the colors of a broccoli, carrot, pomegranate smoothie pureeing in my juicer; I love the hours of prep to make a healthy meal from scratch; I love browsing the local farmer's market for ideas that wouldn't even cross the minds of 80% of America's population; I love going to work and conversing with costumers about colons, cleanses, candida and Co Enzyme Q10;  I love partaking in a meal and feeling alive and well afterwards; I love not getting sick often; I love walking on rainy days; I love gulping down a tablespoon of pure cod liver oil and flipping through its benefits in my mind as it slides down my throat; I love being in control of what I eat and what I want to eat; I love ditching cravings; I love watching the extra-virgin olive oil rise in droplets to the surface of my bowl of homemade soup; I love feeling my intestines flush after a good morning detox; I love knowing that God created health; but most of all, I LOVE!

I love my family; I love my friends; I love my semi-friends; I love my church; I love my home; I LOVE! 
But it all comes from God.  GOD's love!  Why is that, you ask?

We love God because He first loved us.
We know Him because He made Himself known to us.
We know what we do because God knows more.
We exist because God created.
We live because God gives us breath.
We die because we sin against God.
Our sin separates us from a perfect God.
But God made a way for us to keep on living
because He died, and then kept on living.
But only because He first loved us!

That's why i<3!

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