Monday, March 7, 2011

If I could choose...

If I were a book character -
I would be... Oh wow, that's really hard.
Elizabeth from "Pride and Prejudice."
(Spunky, Respectful, Big heart, Independent, Resourceful, Polite
Logical, Smart, Strong, Pretty, Ladylike, Unashamed, Selfless... etc.
Though she definitely has her faults that I don't have, and vise versa)

If I had a superpower-
I would be able to pause time.
(Why, you ask, would I not want to be invisible? I've drept I'm invisible, and people always bump into me because they don't know I'm there. Believe me, I don't try and get bumped into, but its uncomfortable.)

If I were a Disney princess-
I would drop down dead
(that would be my initial response, but if I really must choose-
Tianna from "Princess and the frog", even though I don't care for the movie.)

If I could plan the rest of my life-
I wouldn't!

If I could choose where I lived-
I would stay right here; Gods' doing pretty awesome things
(and no, I'm not telling where that is)

If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life-
Some comfortable jeans, a ruffled green top, and some rainbow aqua socks

If I were an animal-
I would be a horse.  They work hard and are fairly solitary creatures.
(Plus, then your considered cute if your stocky)

If I could choose how I looked-
I would have grey eyes, a 'fro, and beautiful chocolate skin

If I could visit one place on the globe-
It would be Italy.  Mainly Rome.

If I could meat one of my heros'-
It would be Mother Theresa
(That case would be awkward because she is dead)

If I could change one thing about my past-
I would  never have cut my hair so terribly short.

If I ...
You ask the question!

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