Thursday, March 31, 2011

Layering for style and modesty

Layering isn't just for style... its for modesty... and warmth.  I'll show you here not only how to not be afraid of turtlenecks (which I don't think are essential for modesty, although they are usually ultra-modest) and second, be creative with all those odds, ends, and basic dresses, tank tops, cami's, and shirts.

First, start with your dress. 
This, obviously, isn't the first thing you will be putting on, but will be (sorta) what we will be building our style off of for our outfit.  (For example- you probably wouldn't wear maroon tights with a purple dress, or brown shoes with a white dress.)   
First discern your optimistic side of the dress. ;)  By negative and positive colors for dresses in this case, I mean whether the color or shade of your dress is darker or lighter than your "under-scheme", or, basically, your turtleneck/leggings/shoes.  See pictures below.

"Negative" color

"Positive" color

Then, your "under-shirt", or your Turtleneck, if you so choose.
You will want one fairly neutral - either white or creme, or darker than the dress, but the same color as leggings and shoes.

A nice warm woolly, neutral-
colored turtleneck.

An example of a coggle neck.
Its like a turtleneck and a scarf
all in one
Legs: Tights or leggings -
Usually a dark color, such as black, brown, or dark purple or dark navy blue. 
{Sometime you might so boldly try something like this: Black dress, high-heeled, fancy black boots, black turtleneck, creme fashion scarf, and red tights.}
full-length leggings

Only time I would ever endorse
"jeggings" (jean leggings) would be
with a dress.

The soul of a women - shoes
The shoes can make or break it.  Here are some great winter pair-ups.

The "flat foot". A comfortable fit
with no big heel;  Casual; cute.

Old-English and oh-how-classy!
Lace it up high with a heel to-

Short-n-tall.  High heels with a
"short cut".  A somewhat western
flair that gives the impression of
hikin' out in the Rockies, but cutting-
edge and stylish.

Studded beauty.  This will go with
most anything because of its
versatile "rings" and studs in metallic,
natural colors.

Most common or effective accessories are scarves, belts and jewelry.

belts are in fashion now, and so easy
to find in cute colors

Finished Product:  Ta-da!

Glam or deliciously drab... you choose!

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