Sunday, March 27, 2011

Supplements that rock!

Believe me, working in a health food and supplement store, People come in with some crazy requests.  Also, with all the bias-brands-game that gets played by the media, and one's own experience, price-range, or preference, we may have perfectly good vitamin D, but it is rejected because of its perfectly good brand.  So all this makes for rows and rows of bottles, boxes, tinctures, and capsules in our store.  Which one is the best?  Moreover, which one works?  With some of our regulars, we can get a good idea of what works, what doesn't, what any possible objections may be, (pills are too big; smelled like fish; tastes bitter; etc,) and what other's open judgment may be.  Researching products, health, and the body for nearly 2 years now... I have founds some duds, and some dandies.  Wanting, in my career, to help others struggling with health, I thought I'd compile a few of those here with links directly to the source.
All of these supplements can be found in the store where I work.


LifeShield Breath by New Chapter


Zyflamend by New Chapter

Curamin by Terry Naturally

Probiotics/General health/Cleanse/Yeast infection:

RAW probiotics by Garden on Life

Weight loss/Brain health:

Synaptalean by Nature's Plus

365 Diet by Garden of Life

Protein Supplements:

Spirutein GOLD by Natures Plus

RAW meal or RAW protein by Garden of Life

Fish Oil:
(Good for - Inflamation, Brain health, memory, mood function, joints, skin/hair/nails, blood, cardiovascular, etc.)

Omega Swirl by Barlean's

Fish Oil by New Chapter



Olive leafMAX by Olivus



Sea Buckthorn Beauty Secrets by Sibu


Digestive Cleanse and Probiotic Replenisher Kit by Nature's Secret

Oral Health:

Probiotic Lozenges by Nature's Plus


Nasal Spry by Xlear


Tissue A Insomnia by Nu Age Labs

Calm by Natural Vitality



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