Friday, March 25, 2011

VM styles it: Spring-ify your room

Paper lanterns

Idea #1-The floor and walls get decorated, but why not the ceiling? Fairly easy to hang, they add volumes, and lift the scenery up from the messy floor to a clean white ceiling with a splash of exotic color.
Paper lanterns II
Hang them with invisible string for a floating effect, or with colored ribbon for the tropical flair. 
Compile them artistically at varying lengths in a corner of your ceiling, or in a pattern all across the span of your room.

Idea #2 - Clean up and look good while doing it.   The garbage can, that is.  They never get any recognition or show!  And they just do such a good job!  Now instead of a stinky can, make it a lovely centerpiece... well, not quite.
Trash bin cover

Hibiscus coasters
 Idea #3 - They can be used for so many things... only starting with a solid place for your summer slushy, or spring smoothie.  We can get much more creative than that!  Hang 6 different colored coasters on your wall, 3 on top, 3 below for a modern "pieced art" look. Place 1/2 inch to 1 inch away from each other.
Then use them as a "tiled table top" for your desk, or a special platform for a special picture frame.  In fact, use them as a picture frame.  Just use strong glue for sticking them around a large wooden frame, as to cover it with squares of hibiscus... bringing out the color and lively memories in your favorite photo.

Idea #4 - Use your crafty skills for this one.  Use a make-shift party table cover, or cheep fabric to make chair covers.
You may sew the sides down, use ties, or colorful brads, such as these.
Table cover

Colorful brads

Table-side decoration

Idea #5 - In the summer, we like to use light, cool sheets and fluffy pillows.  Add to the effect with a "grass skirt" bed skirt.  Bias tape, or double sided tape will stick it to the side of your bed, (not your mattress!), or just attach it to a plain sheet about the span of your bed, so when placed on the box-spring, the "grass-skirt" will hang down around the edges. Make sure that the flowers don't get crushed when you place the mattress on, or make your bed.

Flowery garland
Idea # 6 - If your feeling really festive, why not hang colorful garland around the edge of your room?  Where the wall and ceiling meet, place little hooks, so you can run the garland around easily.  Its like one big giant luau!

Idea #7 - Walk into a beach party.  These are so much fun! Simply hang from the inside of your door frame.  Be met with a breath from the Pacifics.

Hibiscus door hangers

Idea #8 - There are almost 101 ways to use toothpicks... and one is to make a lovely centerpiece, or decoration. You can get faux potting foam at most any craft store.  Pick out a pretty pot, or pull together some lace over a chunk of the green foam, and tie with a colorful ribbon.  Break some of the toothpicks in half, and leave some whole.  Using your feminine creative juices, stick them into the foam base to create a bouquet-look.  You can place this most anywhere to look cute and pretty.  But most of all, ready for summer fun!

Fruit picks

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