Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad summer fashions and their alternatives

Ever see something on another human being and think... "Wow, that just can't be right.  How can they get away with that? How could they stand showing themselves in that?"
Yeah, that's what I first thought when I saw the 2010 jumpsuit for junior girls.  Yikes!  With summer fast approaching, there will be many things coming in and out of fashion that all but the fashion designers with cringe at, shaking there heads and wondering what the next generation will think, then some going out and spending a fortune at the mall before Yahoo!'s Fashion News slams 'em up.  I'm no professional fashionista, but I flatter myself thinking I have a brain and two eyes... Continue.


Bloomers? Also known as bubble shorts.  If I remember right, ladies in the 1800s covered these unflattering garments with layers and layers of skirts.  Ditch these along with the corsets and powdered wigs.
Instead - opt for cute sailor shorts with a big cloth belt.

Capris with heels
Usually, black pumps don't mix with cargo shorts, but strappy summer sandal heels with casual slacks might just be the ticket.  Avoid little spindly heels if you have a larger bottom half and are planning on a knee-length or above Bermuda shorts, skirts, or dress capris.

 Newest from the asylum escapees enrolled in the runway project.  Harrem pants.  Do you really want to look like you keep your wallet in the bottom seam of your pants?
Instead, gauchos are a huge success from the fashion industry; completely comfortable, versatile, good for many occasions. I think gauchos win hands down over the... well... you know.

I'm fine with high waisted pants - as long as you can still button them up all the way!  Super models don't even look good in these.  Now that's a rare feat. 
Instead, the business work pants are a great alternative. If given a choice, I would almost always go for a flare at the leg.

Q: If their makers couldn't honestly call them anything else, why are they some of the most top selling boots in America? 
A: Because Wal mart sells them.

Opt for some cuter, actually somewhat pretty boots - I know Wal mart has them.  ;)

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