Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big, fat, stinkin' lies

Have you ever believed a lie?  (If you say "no", then you've been tricked already)
Yes, we all have been mistaken.  We all have been deceived.  But really, in this day-and-age of relative truths laid out for us all like flavor options to mix and match at the proverbial ice cream parlor, what is truth?   A little bit of lemon and some strawberry, or cherries and chocolate with a few m&ms, who is to say what is wrong?
I have looked objectively at this issue that seemingly tolerates all morality (or lack of it).  It doesn't work.  We need The truth.  Or should I say we need the Truth (capital T in truth).
We need the truth first, before we can discern the lies.  Using the Bible as truth, what are some lies we believe?
Any of these flavors familiar?
  1. Lemon sorbet' (rich and sour) - you think its all about you.  Just lookin' out for #1.  Its my life, isn't it?  Survival of the fittest, you have to fight to the top.  If other people want to be suckers, then its their fault.  And really, its all about me, after all, so who cares?
  2. Blueberry (dark and blue) - no one else knows what your going through.  Your one of the very few that has this problem, if not the only one in the whole universe.  Just keeping it to yourself, because it would probably shock everybody else.
  3. Vanilla (sweetness) -  if I'm pretty nice most of the time, then its OK if I have a bad day.  People will forgive me, they will understand.  Everybody gets grumpy and selfish sometimes.  Its alright occasionally.
  4. Mango (distinct and unclassified) - I can act this way because this is who I am.  It would be wrong for me to try and change myself to fit what others want, so I can attribute it to my genetic structure.  You know, I was just born this way.
  5. Caramel (sticky and shape-able) - nobody wants me for who I am, so I have be who they want me to be.  If I want to be in the crowd, I'll act like them.  If people want me to be an angel for a day, I'll go with that too.  Its all about how well you perform.
  6. Chocolate (everybody gets it) - life isn't fare.  I don't deserve what is happening to me.  If there is a God who loves me, He wouldn't let this happen. I thought He was a fair god, and this isn't fair, so He either must not exist, or the Bible is wrong.
Now, lets taste test these by da Book, and see what comes of 'em.  Are they believable lies, or hard truths?
  1. Lemons' a lie - Its NOT all about you.  Its all about HIM.  He created you for a purpose, not to eek out your miserable existence serving yourself.  We all serve something, and I find that serving God is much better than serving me.  Because without God, the devil is in control of me.  The devil is a hard task-master, and blinds us to his harsh tactics.  But God, on the other hand, knows what is best.  He is straight-forward and honest, and His burden is light, his tasks not ill-fitting, because He gave up His own life so that He could give you His power in your life.
  2. Blueberrys' bad - The Bible says that the things that temp and try us are things that our "brothers and sisters" are also struggling with all around the world.  You are not alone!  Jesus was once in your shoes.  He was here on earth in a human body with human desires.  The same ones we have.  He was tempted and tried in every way, but because He was (and is) God, He overcame them, and will do the same for you. Even if nobody else knows, Jesus does!
  3. Violated Vanilla - Doing good does not make up for doing bad.  God Himself said that if one should keep the law (Biblical rules) in every way but one, he is guilty of breaking it all.  This is a very tricky lie, because it is mixed with many truths.  A few of those are that we are human and that we cannot be otherwise.  We cannot keep the whole law and not stumble.  Yes, we can be forgiven not only by those around us, but by God, because of Jesus sacrificing Himself to take our punishment (and the power of death, or sin) away from us.  God has the power over death and sin, so that we don't have to rely on our humanness
  4. Mislead Mango - While we are not all created the same, each with our own, undeniable flare, we are all created under the same law.  He who said "you shall not murder, also said "you shall not commit adultery".  So if you commit one and not the other, you still have sinned against God, condemning you before His perpetual perfection.
  5. Caramel is Changed - God wants you for who you are!  He really does!  He demonstrated that love for us that while we were still sinners [enemies of God, and not able to do anything about it] He died for [to save] us.  In fact, He made us who we are, and He made us right.  God has a plan for you - not the people you have been pretending to be.  Its a matter of trusting God's plan
  6. Chipped Chocolate - If chocolate represents hard times, in this case, I would also say that there are many different kinds of chocolate.  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.  All hardships are different, but they are all hard, and they are all very real!  However, saying that a good God would not let bad things happen is like saying that a loving parent will never set their child on the ground.  It would not be good and loving of them to never let their child experience anything on their own that may be hard.  Ever see a baby learning to walk?  They fall down a lot don't they.  If their parent always held them upright, they would never learn to walk on their own.  But someone is always there to comfort and encourage them.  Its when they start walking without supervision, and in places they shouldn't be that they get really hurt.  As for life not being fare, I would gladly agree.  What do I deserve?  Death and separation from God in hell.  It's true.  But we are not only allowed to live here on earth for a while, but are blessed.  And those who accept God's offer will go to live in perfect paradise with Him after death.  I'm glad God didn't give me what I deserve!  And how many times have hard things happened to you because of something bad you did?  I would say that is perfectly fair.  You also hurt others when you do those things... is that fair?  No, it isn't.  Its just a matter of trusting God, and letting Him comfort and lead you through those hard times.
If you have any questions, please comment below!  I know that there are many more "flavors" I left out, but I tried to nab just a few of the biggies.  (I know, I know, its a little cheesy using the "flavors" thing, but that would lead us to the question of - what kind of cheesy are we speaking of here?  Cheddar, Mozzarella?  They all have a different flavor, don't they? :)

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