Thursday, April 28, 2011

Color it: orange


 Orange.  When to where it and how.

Notice all are brunettes wearing orange
on the run-way.
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Orange is usually categorized in the fall/winter wearing category, but really, when paired with the right things, it is all summer fun.

We probably all know that certain colors work well with certain hair colors and skin tones. (Like my pasty pale complexion, while pretty with a light pinks or blues, looks nasty and washed out in yellow).
Also, there are many, many different shades of the color orange.  I can pull off a peachy pink orange with my blackish brown hair, and maybe a deep rust, but the vibrancy of a true orange competes with my fair skin with warm pink undertones and gives an odd contrast.
Usually, brunettes are the ones most able to pull off this playful summer shade, but not all the time. While some may be pretty enough to wear a color clashing with their face and hair, they could look more naturally beautiful in one suited better to their natural beauty.
Dark brunettes, like myself, would do better with a golden tan with a bright orange, like the model  in the farthest right corner, though I would hope you would be attired in a more modest abode.  :)
Lets look at some of the orange things we could be wearing this summer. 

Hint:  Orange is a great color for spicing up an outfit, and giving that sunny summer shine.  But since it tends to be such a bright, potentially obnoxious color, be careful how you wear it, or it could come across as incredibly tacky.  :S

Fun and playful accessories

Bright shoes can either add that much more to an outfit,
or draw away from it.
Pants - if your wondering about what kind of pants would be good in orange, I would say, plaintively but firmly, none!

Orange's strong point- Accents; accessories.
Orange's week point- tacky and annoying; washes out pale skin

Other Orange things I love:

This reflects the retro come-back or
today's style.  Orange can be garish
to try and take retro, but this is a
dark enough orange on a classic
enough pattern to look warm and
pretty - reflected by the embroidered
flowers adorning the front.

Cute graphic t-shirts are only that much
more adorable when printed on or in
orange.  I absolutely love this pic!

Part of my new...

Going through every color on you - with Valary Mac
Watch for other colors!

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