Friday, April 29, 2011

Drawing lines with Philmont

Being the music-junkie I am, I usually have a few dozen songs and lyric lines going through my head.   Needles to say, that gives me plenty to think about, being the probing, philosophical person I am.  "Creating space by drawing lines."
That had been mulling over in the back of my mind ever since I had heard it.
I wonder what exactly that is supposed to mean.   We can define space by drawing lines on the space already created.  The only One who can create line-less space would be God.  (The God of the Bible; the God of Issac, Abraham, and Jacob, in case you were wondering about that in this design-your-own-Jesus type of culture.)  Before the creation of the world, what would "nothingness" actually be, much less look like?  The "universe" was shapeless and empty, and the Spirit [God] hovered over the waters.  What do I know of empty?  Water is made up of elements though, right?  Did God already create the elements, then make other things out of the elements, then He Himself breathed life into mankind with His own, uncreated breath of Life?  And, using and creating the elements, did He also create space, as in definable, measurable, shapes and lines
(Just so you know, the lyric line I used was taken from Philmont's great song, "tear down".)
Tearing down the walls inbetween us and God.  Of course, the walls we have built between us and God, because of our own sinful nature, only God can tear down, (the whole message of the song,)  but there are other "walls" between us and Deity.  "Walls", if you will, between us and Him that neither one of us built.  That is, IF you consider differences as walls - I don't.  They are lines, though, these differences.  Just writing this here on this post took a bit of consideration on my part, searching my brain.  And, consequently, reminding me once again that God's thoughts and ways are sooo far above my own.  That's one of those natural lines, or differences between the creator and the created.  A creator cannot create something greater than Himself [Matthew 10:24].  You see, some lines only separate the physical.  We can come to God, our mortal, dumbified selves, first because God Himself created us to.  God created that space, those lines and shapes.  And when there are definable shapes, measurable, knowable, recordable, there has to be an Absolute Truth.
(I may have been trodding dangerously close to blatant political incorrectness when I stated that God alone created everything, but I am pretty sure I've careened hopelessly off the edge with that statement. ;)
If God is THE Absolute Truth, and created all, including the existence of time, then He Himself set the rules and laws of the universe.  When God Himself created the rules and laws of the universe He created, we must clearly understand by all logic, that He Himself - the Uncreated Creator - is, Himself, naturally outside of the created, and not governed by them.  Needless to say, God can step in and out of "our world".  God is freely permitted to do so because, you see, He grants all permissions and objections through Himself.  A God who has created order is then expected to have objections.  One of those objections is mingling with sin.  God is a perfect God.  Or should I say - THE perfect God.  This would prove to be a problem - a wall - placed in between God and us, built of our own sinful nature, which God did not create.
A significant, and recorded, example of God renting the certain of Himself and "our world" is when, in His God-ship, He sent a complete part of Himself to earth, manifested as a human.  The Creator became His created.  Only a God in and out side of time could do such a thing.  Jesus Christ became man to liberate us from the wall we had built between the relationship severed from the relationship God created us to have with Him.  He could cross that wall - that line and barrier - because He was now manifested as as one of His created.  He mingled with sinners, but not with sin.  He was tempted and tried in every way, but resisted evil because He was, indeed, God.
He broke down that inpenetratable wall with His death, justifying our punishment necessary between us and a perfect God, and them built a bridge of Life when He rose again from the grave, then conquering sin's power of death as a man, with the ruling power of Divinity - God Himself.  That is the line that holds us to the God of the universe.  And some day, because of God's reconciliation to us, we will die and rise again.  This time in God's world with spiritual, immortal bodies.  We will not be God - that will be one of the lines, or differences, between us and Him, even then.  But there will be no walls - no barriers - neither separative nor physical. 
Now that is one amount of space that's hard to measure! 

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