Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drawing political comics

Click to enlarge.  I hope you will be able to read the words.

If you've gone to my cartoons and poems page, then you have probably seen this comic of mine.  Eggplant man, his sidekick Berry-boy, and his pet cat fiber.
All this has wet my appetite for more edgy, political cartoons and comics.

I recently saw a cartoon somewhere that gave me an idea, so I cant say this is all my own. Super man, Wonder woman, and Spider man worriedly gathered around the TV watching Barack Obama's promises.  I thought to myself, why not spice it up a bit?
This one I drew on paper, and then snapped a picture for the blog.  (Note: I am not finished yet!).  Not being able to see it very well, I inverted the colors, so that the lines would be white, and thus stand out better for you to view, although it takes away from some of the original look.

When drawing comics, whether you use ready-made characters (like super man, wonder woman and spider man) or your very own (such as eggplant man, etc.) you need to display their attitude

Super man- the huge, protective, friendly guy who sits back in the corner of the couch and spreads his massive arm around the back of the sofa like a big, casual, group hug.  Naturally, being the biggest and most-super, he has control of the remote. (Remember, no matter how much a teddy-bear he is, he is still a guy.)

Wonder woman- I really tried to make her a bit more modest, while still getting her... um... attitude about her.  I understand... its tricky.  She sits up straight with all her curves present and pronounced.  Poised like a super hero would be, with arms crossed in her form of apprehension.  Still, she is in a more casual setting than saving the world, so her legs are somewhat casually crossed.

Spider man- wiry and lean.  Remember that he is actually a teen boy, going for the slouched-and-watching-TV-look.  Another thing that was a bit hard, was getting him to look a bit worried and on-edge with those big spider eyes of his.  I decided I would use his webbed costume against his macho demeanor, and give him a furrowed brow that would look more authentic.

Feet placing not only give more of the character's attitude, but also make it look more human-like.  People don't generally have their feet and legs perfectly symmetrical and evenly placed. Although, as you can see, these feet and legs tend to look a bit goofy and decidedly "un-human-like", we still have to make it look like a comic, and not a painting.

Facial expressions.  The number one thing (among others) that makes an emotion believable is the eyes.  Mainly the eyebrows, and then the wrinkles or lines around the eyes.  Take a look at all the faces in the comic.  Take special note of the eyebrows.  (This was especially hard for spider man, because his eyebrows are covered up by his suit.)

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