Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quizz - What does your locker say about you?

What does your locker say about you?

1. What's on the inside door of your locker door?
a- photos of my friends
b- my study schedule
c- a poster of an African safari
d- an expired lunch coupon
e- a mirror

2. The one thing that will always be in your locker is...
a- a bag of practical jokes to liven up class
b- last week's homework
c- a make-up kit
d- an address book and/or cellphone
e- extra school supplies

3. How are your books organized?
a- by color
b- by class order
c- in my backpack for the ride home
d- however they land
e- in the fab organizer I ordered

4. If you opened your locker and stepped back, what would happen?
a- my spare shoes would fall out
b- last week's science project would fall into a heap (yikes! don't want to know what that is)
c- my skate board will roll away
d- kids will stare at my organized locker
e- everything my friends borrowed me will tumble out

5. What kinds of notes are in your locker?
a- tips from beauty mags
b- directions to class
c- plans to build a hang-glider
d- alphabetized class notes
e- notes my friends passed me in class ;]

6. What kind of leisure books are in your locker?
a- Eat my dust
b- The tattooed rats
c- Revenge of the Samurai
d- Looking good from the inside out
e- Checklist for a teen's life

7. This article of clothing is hanging in your locker
a- designer dress for homecoming
b- khaki cargo jacket for after school
c- colorful crocheted blouse for shopping
d- my brother's sports jersey
e- well-matched extra outfit

1.  a-4,  b-2,  c-5,  d-1,  e-3
2.  a-5,  b-1,  c-3,  d-4,  e-2
3.  a-4,  b-2,  c-5,  d-1,  e-3
4.  a-3,  b-1,  c-5,  d-2,  e-4
5.  a-3,  b-1,  c-5,  d-2,  e-4
6.  a-1,  b-4,  c-5,  d-3,  e-2
7.  a-3,  b-5,  c-4,  d-1,  e-2    

If you got mostly...

1's- Marching to your own beat!
2's- Efficient and organized!
3's- Your a glamour girl!
4's- Fun and friendly!
5's- Tend to walk on the wild side!

And now for the fun part!  Seeing what I got on this quiz.  I am, by nature, a conglomeration of a little bit of everything, so I didn't get perfectly even scores.
For Q#1, I would say both A and B.  For Q#2, E and maybe C.  Q#3, B.  Q#4, A and D.  Q#5, B and D.  Q#6, B and C (both are christian books :).  And the last one - Q#7 - is E.

Understand that I am homeschooled and dont actually have a locker, but I know myself pretty well.  And I can always just take a look at my room.  Very organized, but mostly messy, and a lot of shoes spilling from my closet.  Photos of my friends are also very, very common in my room.

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