Friday, April 22, 2011

Misuse in a different way

Its earth day...'s that one-a-year day when we think about the green.  Restoring the planet, drinking purified water, reading books on how to save paper, and calling your friends to drive out to your place to rally about gas prices and global warming.  When we all (most of us) look up to the beautiful blue sky and promise mother earth to take care of her and... wait... I see a slight glitch.  What if I don't believe in "mother earth"?  Much more importantly, what if "mother" earth doesn't exist.  As a Christian, earth day means something different for me -especially this year.  I think it means more to me. 
When you look at the picture below, do you get the idea?  Its a day to praise the Maker of the big beautiful earth for His provision.

But hold up... this year earth day falls on Good Friday... no, I'm not talking about Rebbecca Black's infamous pop "Friday" song, although, ironically, Good Friday has been called Black Friday also.
I'm speaking about the day that Christians - and not many besides us - remember Jesus' death... to be followed by His resurrection 3 days later. 
I find nothing wrong with earth day.  I am extremely "earth conscious", am totally crunchy, and believe God has given us this earth to master, and be a good master to.  Think of it as stewardship.
But yesterday morning as I looked through the morning paper, (for I am also a news junkie,) I found that there were many, many mentions of earth-day or earth-related subjects, yet not one of Good Friday.  It really didn't surprise me at all; it didn't anger me; it didn't make me want to blog about it either, but God has a way with us doesn't He?  Its been that way for a while.  When the schools changed Christmas and Easter break to "Winter and Spring" break officially, I was not surprised. The God of Christmas and Easter is also the maker of the seasons.  But are we hiding behind the earth that God made, thinking that we could hide from Him?

Just think about it.  When Adam and Eve (the first earth mis-users) realized their sinfulness was not acceptable in God's sight, they hid.  Where?  In the bushes.  I wonder what they thought. 

Will they hide us for a little while, until I can think of a better excuse?
Will God be less angry if He waits a while before knowing?
I need time to rethink the situation without interference.
Maybe God won't find us.

Jesus told the religious leaders on Palm Sunday (soon before the betrayal leading to His death) that if the children would not sing of Who He was, then even the rocks would cry out.  In Revelation, the woman who flees to the dessert to escape the devil is helped by the earth, who opens up and swallows the Evil one's army.
The earth does God's will - He created it.  Do we hide behind the bushy, willowy skirts of "mother earth" praying God will take our devotion to any other than Him as a kind, sincere gesture?  Are we taking the temporary earth more seriously than the Eternal Creator?
When planting trees makes more headlines than a perfect Savior taking away the sins of the world, our nation has a problem.
Well, happy earth day.  Go out and plant a tree. But then go get cleaned up and go to a local Good Friday service, followed up by Easter 3 days later.  I suggest you keep going.  Find out how to become one with the Creator instead of the created.  God bless you.

Much love in Christ,
Valary-Mac <><

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